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Day of Dragorses | Rp | Sign Ups

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Dragons ruled the lands to the east and to the west were the horses of the valley's, everyone was in harmony as the horses ruled and the dragons feasted villages by their side of the mountains, no one understood why dragons never attacked horses, but there were incoming hybrids.. Like they were both breeds, and they came with subversions and alphaversions as well..


The world where dragorses stay is Ascar, others (humans) nicknamed it "The Land of the Death Dragon and Horse Beasts", many other humans disregard the idea as horses stay wild and free forever as long as the humans don't bother the wild and free creatures or the dragons would easily snack on you.

Dragorse Breeds

There are several different and many more breeds..

- First is the Salamander breed, this type of dragon is a subversion of normal dragorse breeds, they contain no hair, scales, horns, or spiked tails, they only have leathery skin, hooves cloven or not, and long-ish leathery tails, their faces are the dragon breed but slightly the size of a horse, this type of breed also has subversions of it as its common in many different habitats in Ascar.

- Second is the Fire Breathers, this type of Dragorse breed is more like a dragon with the spike tail and horns, except their dragon body and legs are more horse like as the head is shaped with a dragon's mouth but the head is slightly dragonlike.

- Third is the Sea Dwellers, this breed is used to the waters as they share the water-type dragon body end and the rest of horse stature whilst the head is drgaon shaped as well, they come in amount of variety of colors just like fish and even display a dorsal fin on the top but that's for males as female Sea Dwellers have the more hair-like betta fish caudal fin on their heads as it flows around them.

- Fourth is the last known Dragorse breed, and that's the Underground Snakes, this type of Dragorse breed has the slithery snake body much to that like a dragon, whilst this breed does have wings as well, they have no legs and their only difference besides the snake body is the horse head.

Main Character/Helper

The character that once that you make your horse breed, and remember: you can imagine any type of dragon breed as long as it has the horse legs, or the head, or even the barrel/stomach, the Dragorse character you make needs to be approved as not all breeds can show significance of a horse and I want this to be as fantasy-like as ever.

Anyways off track, the Dragorse breed/MC that you'll encounter when you first walk from your old valley home to the valley between the dragons and the horses, the middle valley is called Kinderisle Mountain Valley, off track again, the main character that you'll encounter in Kinderisle Mountain Valley when you first walk through will be a pretty fun and exciting mare that has large dragon wings, back dragon feet and front hoofed feet- but the left (or right) leg is clovened on a reason, but the mare does have scales and large ram-like horns, her eyes are big but she does have the slit dragon eye, she has a dragon mouth but a horse head, she can breath fire like many other Dragorse Hybrids.

The MC has from white - gray - to black scales and yellow eyes, her slit pupils are purple in color but look black as that you can't see the color until the mare uses her fire breathing to protect you from another Dragorse or from a human, horse or dragon.

Dragorse Character Maker

Here are the Dragorse breeds, from first to last, all Dragorse breeds are pretty basic as they have no color, but only lines- like Wings of Fire/WoF, but it shows you what the breeds look like and they are freebie bases that can be edited on the lines, as long as there's credit. I have search so many hours for that type of bases that I have collected, I did make some Dragorse breeds so there's some clarity on that.

Anyways lets get introduced to the breeds! And if there's dragon bases, then those are the freebied bases that you can edit the lines on, there's from minor to large editable bases, so its fine as I read. The. Entire. Decription. For. Every. Base. As I want this sign up as good as possible.

Oh and remember: Every base has a subversion and alphaversion! Subversions are the lower classed breeds, and the alphaversions are the MUCH higher classed breeds, and the normal breeds are middle classed, based on rarity within those alpha and subverions.

Dragorse Breeds (by size):
Dragorse Tiny Pony Breeds (Salamander breed)
Dragorse Small Pony Breeds (Ariel breed)
Dragorse Medium Pony Breeds (Underground Snakes +alphaversions)
Dragorse Babies (Fire Breathers for now)
Dragorse Big/Large Pony Breeds (Fire Breathers)

Horse Maker

Dragorse breed chosen (three more horses, four in total): (space) | (delete) | (here) | (relatable)
-Dragorse markings: (y/n)

Dragorse scars: (y/n)
-Dragorse trophy or reason (why there is a scar): (y/n)

Dragorse background: (y/n)
-Dragorse backstory: (y/n)

Dragorse family (relatives can be included): (hi) | (how) | (are) | (you?) | (bye!)
-Dragorse siblings: (y/n)

Dragorse love interest (future): (y/n)
-Dragorse your family future): (yn)

Dragorse personality: (y/n)
-Dragorse ability: (y/n)

Dragorse Firebreath: (y/n, delete this space if you want to or don't want firebreathing, or just remake the form and you can chose a firebreath that is similar to normal fire, like Ice breathing)
-Dragorse jewelry:

Anything else on your Dragorse(?): (y/n)

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