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"Onceler Schematic's: Thoroughbreds"

Hello, hi! I'm Lizzy!

Welcome to Onceler Schematics! Where I breed Racing disciplined: Thoroughbred's, Trakehner's, and Friesian's! I also will be breeding Thoroughbred's, Trakehner's and Friesian's. Though the trio will be Racing.


My specific breeds are: Thoroughbred's, Trakehner's and Friesian's! Mostly Thoroughbred's!


Symbol Name: L = Lizzy
Brand Name: Oncler Schematics/OS

1. 💲 = Sale
2. 🔱 = Top Tier Horses I have
3. ⚜️ = High Stated Horses That I Have
4. 🔺 = Above 60 Conformation
5. 🔻 = Below 60 Conformation
6. ✴️ = Top Ranked Horse
7. ✳️ = Bidding Sale
8. 🏧 = Riding School
9. T = Twins
10. () = Conformation
11. NM = Name
12. G = If this replaces my brand name, then it's a gelding I bought.
13. LG = If this G is infront of my brand name, then I gelded a foal myself, just to help with organizing more.
14. L/🌄 or any other image/special character/brand name = Co-branding, it is when I have a horse/foal given to me from another person that transferred said horse/foal, I will not change an original horses brand if it was transferred to me. That way I can keep track of which horse was given to me to take care of. Mostly/especially if the person has/had bred a horse from me.


My Sites I use:

1. My Characters!!
2. My DA Characters!!
3. DeviantArt Site
4. Site
5. Youtube Channel
          +additional channels:
           None existent but still linked
           Roseatte The Ink Demon Wolf (ADVISED: the desc is stronglanguage)
           Cookie Studios
6. Wattpad Profile
7. My AVATAR Characters (SITE)
8. Imgfly Profile


My side projects are: Thoroughbred's and colored Thoroughbred's. (Not yet on colored Thoroughbred's)

My stuff for usual selling, they are found here:
Item Market


My foals and yearlings, my foals and yearlings are found here:
(currently locked and changed)

Future stats: High conf, high points and perfect, excellent or great health


List of things I do on my account here that's quite different..

1. Unassigned Horses: Horses that are over 21 aren't going to be retired, more over they are going to be unassigned so that I can keep my lines going, including horses that I need to replace them with.

2. dRacing (TB's) is for Thoroughbred's that are excellent racers that I bred.

4. Big TB lover and currently growing TB's on the game!

5. Spirit animal is a wolf, ironic since my favorite animal is the wolf! Second place is horses, and third place is Dolphins!

Account Information
Member Name Lizzy
Member ID 131467
Account Type Basic
Joined November 9, 2021
Last Active 2024-05-26 16:38:54
Member Information
Money on Hand $0
Money in Bank $190,868
Player Level 17
Horses 106 / 270

Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 699478
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $0
This Month $0
All Time $265,043

Member Level
Level 17 Experience 275290 (31%) EXP Required 883006 EXP Left 607716

Lizzy's Horse Divisions
aRacers (TB's) G1 LOCKED 4 horses
Not trained today
bRacers (Trake's) G1 LOCKED 18 horses
Not trained today
cRacers (TB's) G2 LOCKED 12 horses
Not trained today
dRacers (Trake's) G2 LOCKED 50 horses
Not trained today
eRacers (TB's) G3 LOCKED 5 horses
Not trained today
fRacers (Trake's) G3 0 horses
gRacers (Fries) G1 LOCKED 4 horses
Not trained today
hRacers (Fries) G2+ LOCKED 4 horses
Not trained today
iRacers (TB's) G5+ 0 horses
Racers (Trakhe's) G5+ LOCKED 9 horses
Not trained today

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