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New Snowball Fight Shop Items!
We have some new items in the event shop for you today - some discipline-themed treats! These special event treats will grant a random 1-4 boost to both discipline-relevant stats - for example the dressage treat will yield intelligence and agility stat boosts - so you can target your horses' specific disciplines with these items!

Happy holidays from all of us! Look out for more updates to come in the New Year!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2022-12-27 11:45:07

Snowball Fight!!
Snowball Fight!!
Our December Snowball Fight event is back! Starting the 15th and running through the 31st, join your team and lob snowballs at opposing members for a place on top of the leaderboard! Collect snow you will find randomly around the site and add to your pile of available snowballs! Teams - red, green, or blue - are assigned randomly, so don't forget to check who your new allies are!

You can only have maximum ten snowballs on hand at any time, so you won't be able to collect further snowballs until you throw some. Keep your count below 10 to keep finding more!

Throughout the event you will see a message randomly popping up at the top of the page, indicating that you have found a pile of snow. By clicking the button that is displayed, you can create your very own snowball to add to your arsenal. You can see your current status as relates to snowballs collected, thrown, and more in the sidebar, beneath your team banner, whose color indicates your team.

You will also run across Crystallized Snowflakes in this event! This currency can be found at random and can be used at the event shop, which will unlock once we've reached the goal for snowballs thrown. You can find on the Event page either by clicking the Snowball Fight link in the sidebar, under your current stats, or in the dropdown under News. The shop requires snowball throws to open, so get out there and start collecting snow! Some fun winter-themed items await you in the shop, and maybe even something new too!

The event starts on the 15th and will run until midnight EV server time on the 31st. Any leftover Crystallized Snowflakes you haven't spent by the end of the event will remain credited to your account, so they will be around for you next year.

Please note, if you're a deluxe member with a full layout page, you can add [snowballbox] to your page to display the box beneath your layout (it may be covered up otherwise) so that members will be able to throw snowballs at you! :)

Happy battling!

Bug Fixes
We have some bug fixes to throw onto the end of this post too:

*Removed inactive stables from search (if a player’s deluxe has expired their stable will no longer be listed)
*Fixed issues with Grade Horse grey genes passing incorrectly; the fix will prevent incorrect genes from being passed in breeding but changes to Gg genes may cause some horses to show as grey when they previously didn’t
*Fixed horse stuck in riding school (manual fix for horse reported)
*Fixed club member list sorting not sticking past the first page
*Fixed inbreeding highlighting not checking beyond the first page
*Not a bug: slow show results (this is due to how the system processes shows, fullest ones get processed fastest)
*Fixed inconsistent marketplace navigation

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2022-12-14 23:44:02

Various Fixes
Art Fixes
Hey EV! We have quick art updates for you today!

*Fixed art errors on Gypsy Vanner racing tack (missing girth, mane covering too much saddle)
*Updated sabino on Clydesdales to better reflect real-life expression of the marking

New Sbsb sabino shown

New SbSb sabino shown

*Updated tobiano on Chincoteagues, Mustangs, Shetland Ponies, and Tennessee Walking Horses to be consistent with tobiano markings on in-game breeds

T+ shown on Shetland Pony

TT shown on Tennessee Walking Horse

*Fixed incorrect GDPR link in the Privacy Policy
*Fixed typo in young horse training

The Snowball Fight returns on the 15th, so get your throwing arms ready!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2022-12-10 12:48:17

Fall Leaves is back!
Fall Leaves
The Fall Leaves event is back! As you move around the site you will discover Pristine Leaves, which are the special currency for this event! When you see the notice pop up at the top of the site, be sure to click the button to collect your leaf!

It won't automatically be collected for you, so be sure to pick it up. :)

Also, every so often when you visit a player's page you will see a prompt to help clean up their yard by sweeping up all of the fallen leaves. In doing so, you may discover 2-4 additional Pristine Leaves as a reward for your good work!

The event shop is available throughout the event, so feel free to purchase items whenever you like!

The event page where Fall Leaves is listed can be found by hovering over News, just under Polls in the dropdown menu. Go forth and collect some leaves!

The event will end at 11:59pm site time on November 30th, so be sure to spend all the leaves you wish to by then! Any Pristine Leaves left in your account will remain available for next year.

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2022-11-17 10:06:51

Auto Show Creator and more!
Heyo EV! We've some new updates for you!

*To help with show availability, we have increased the number of shows each deluxe player can make - the previous allocation was based on 20 arenas which could each host 10 shows, allowing for 200 shows each. We have upped the total shows a player can make to 300 instead.
*Added Auto Show Creator: this feature makes show creation even easier by using all of your remaining shows up in batches of 10-12 shows, prioritizing shows levels that are the lowest. It's located under the Create Shows tab on the Showing page. You can choose to create shows across all specialities, or choose a specific speciality to create shows for. The caveat with this feature is that using it takes a 10% fee off of the profits from the shows you create with it, which is the cost of creating shows so easily.

*Added more flavor texts to Leisure Riding: there are new flavor texts that will show up based on the training level of the horse you are riding. Horses with a lower training level are more likely to show events such as throwing you or disobeying, and horses with a higher training level will be less phased by random events and will be much better behaved.
*Updated the default max show fee for show search to be $100; this was polled on a while ago and the majority supported it, and it is to help find all shows more readily, rather than automatically limiting the show search to a lower price bracket.

Bug Fixes
*Fixed Marking Randomizer not detecting when a horse has the White marking
*Fixed Fall Tree Garland not showing
*Fixed Grade Horse breed info page not working properly
*Young horse training typo fixed
*Fixed Local 1 selection for show search for Driving shows automatically changing to Local 5

New Poll!
There's a new poll available! Share your thoughts on how you'd like to see Farmsteads change!

Official Showing Discussion Topic
We have a discussion topic available about how to improve your experience with showing in-game - check it out and share your thoughts!

Posted by

River (#51565)

Posted on
2022-10-28 10:26:59