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Roan Traks! Up for sale!updated

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Roan Traks! Up for sale!updated

#272733 Posted on 2024-04-03 04:46:27

Hello! You might know that me and my breeding partner Black Heights are trying to bring back the population of Roan Trakehners. We have raised the amount tremendously, which I am proud if. I will breeding my mares every week and selling a lot of the roans to spread them around. What's the point of having them all to yourself? If you purchase or breed to one of my foals, I would suggest keeping them unlocked, but I cannot control what you do, just my preference.
Here is my division of foals for sale (lmk if you want any that aren't for sale)

These are my sales for now!!!

Peachy Won- AA,RnRn- sale- $6000

Just Part of Their World-EE,GG,Crcr,Rn+ - Sale for $4000

Super Spyyyyy-EE,Aa, Rnt- Sale for $2000

Oopsie Dasiy, EE,Gg- sale for $900

Bay Boyy-EE, Aa,Gg- Sale for $500

Winner Wash- Ee, Aa, Rnt- Sale for $2000

Jungle Wow- Ea, RnT- Sale $2500

Skye Wine- EE, Aa, RnRn- sale $6000

Dreaming of Fading-EE, Aa, GG, Rn+- sale $2500

World Of Winter-Ee, Rn+- Sale $2000

Distant Worlds- Crcr, Rnrn- Sale 5000

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