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Developing HRPG Forum - Interest Check

#271529 Posted on 2023-12-29 15:32:59

I want to start off by saying I am in no way looking to make monetary gain off of this, just in case this gets flagged as promotion for another site. 


I'll copy paste what I posted on dA here since it's a lot lol. But the basic gist is I miss rp specific forums!! And I have characters I want to use but none of the existing options right now interest me. I'm making my own and wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in something like that.


[ltr]As the title says I’m wondering if anyone is interested in an old school forum rpg (thinking of feral horses cus I have a story I’m working on). I used to be in Starborn Alignment but never ended up RPing cus I was too shy and the scope of the story was too large/long to jump into for me. And now I hear they’ve been on a long hiatus anyway and I need to scratch my itch for storytelling. So, I wanted to start from scratch with my own group and story.[/ltr]

[ltr]I also have different tastes in world-building than other available groups to join. I’m not much into high fantasy or super unrealistic scenarios or costumes. And I /don’t/ want to attach weird exclusivity to it in the form of a closed species, applications only being open 1 month out of the year or other ridiculous things of that nature.[/ltr]

[ltr]My thinking is the group would be simple to join but would require an application process. Art of your characters would /not/ be required but you would have to be proficient enough in your writing to write detailed descriptions of them and to post. There will be a main arch in which your ocs can be a part of the larger story with mine and others’ characters and there will be opportunities to create your own spin-off storylines with others in case that’s too intimidating or you just want to do your own thing.[/ltr]

[ltr]The vibe of the world im looking for is something very similar to things like Watership Down, The Sight, Firebringer etc where there’s heavy realism but the animals obviously are Anthropomorphized. The main difference to these would be the setting as there would be no mention of humans as they wouldn’t exist at the time being.[/ltr]

[ltr] I'm considering a kind of post apocalyptic setting where if they did exist it would be so far in the past they would not be relevant anymore. I’m also interested in adding elements of the supernatural - to a point. Because I like the atmosphere the unexplained creates. I’m sure I could go more into detail on this another day when I’m less certain I’m just talking to a void LOL[/ltr]

[ltr]As of right now, the forum is made and I’m working on fleshing out all the necessary boards so It can be 100% ready the next time I update you all. If you have any questions about it feel free to post them here and I’ll answer as much as I can! [/ltr]


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