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Searching Hearts| Police Dog Rp||Signups

#239901 Posted on 2021-05-28 02:27:55

Plot: You have been chosen to attend the Search and Rescue K9 academy in the city. You will be partnered with a dog upon arrival and start training at once to help keep the city goers safe and sound. 

No Godmodding
Please be literate
Romance is neither encouraged or discouraged but if you want your girl to fall in love with so and so please message the other person and ask them first. 
If you read the rules put Search in the other.

Form (Delete everything in () ):
Family (If any): 
Background (Optional):

Dog Form:
Age (3-7):
Dog breed (Lab, Golden, German Shepherd, Beagle): 
Dog Handler: 
Background (Optional)



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#240105 Posted on 2021-05-31 17:34:00

Form (Delete everything in () ):
Name: Elizabeth Alina
Gender: Femal
Age: 24
Description: Blonde, blue-eyed, 5''4
Personality: Energetic, sociable, friendly, caring
Family (If any): Mother; Liliana Alina. Father; Thomas Adler. Sister (younger); Emilia Alina.
Crush: N/A
Background (Optional): Being born the first and oldest child, Elizabeth had always wanted to become part of Search and Rescue. She worked hard, day and night, and even payed her own college tuition in order to get as far as she'd gotten. With the support of her parents and younger sister, she was able to fulfill her dream, along with her German Sheperd, Koda.
Other: Search

Dog Form:
Name: Koda
Gender: Male
Age (3-7): 3
Dog breed (Lab, Golden, German Shepherd, Beagle): German Sheperd
Dog Handler: Elizabeth Alina
Background (Optional): Koda was adopted by Elizabeth when he was just a pup. They'd formed an immediate bond and Elizabeth had sworn she would take Koda with her when she went on to the academy.
Other: Search

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#241171 Posted on 2021-06-14 16:35:24

Name: Winston Clark
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Description: Dark Brown, Hazel Eyes, 5''8
Personality: Laid-Back, Funny Man, Massive Sense of Humor, Can get Serious.
Family: Father: Mark Clark    Mother- Mary Clark    ( No Siblings)
Crush: N/A Married
Background: Born as the First, and Only Child of the Clarks, Worked for the Military and Air force for Eleven Years, Attended colleage for my Masters.. Winston, as a Young boy always wanted to be a big buisness owner, but his thoughts changed, he decided to help the country and become apart of legal services to save his country for his life... Soon he retired from the Military and air force later on deciding he wanted to stop criminals and have a buddy by his side.. Perfect Match.. Police officer and his Police Dog.. Later on, he went to a rescue center seeing a Small Puppy Thats been their for Months.. The Puppy was almost a year old now.. He'd Buy the Little Puppy, Naming (Her) Athena, as she Was Brave, Bold, and Wasn't Frightened to Pick up a Fight as she Did fight off some Racoons and Foxes For a While..

Name: Athena
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Dog Breed: German Shepherd
Color: Blue German Shepherd
Dog Handler: Winston Clark
Background: Athena was Kept in a Dog Kennel for 10 Months at a Dog Pound.. She was Coming Close to end to being Put Down if she would have been Adopted Soon.. She Really never got to experience the life of a human being, and being a normal dog other than just lay down on the hard cold cement floor and just stare at the iron cages.. Until she saw tall legs emerged infront of her kennel door.. She'd believe it was her time to go until the person opened the caged with a bright smile and dog leash in his hands.. I Couldn't believe it.. Athena Found her forever home and couldn't wait as she experienced her life-time as a normal dog, and her personality brightened.. She started to show her Bold Side, Chasing, Biting, And "Tangoing" With Racoons, Opossum's, Foxes, Coyotes, and Much More to Come Forward. Her Life was Amazing and Wishes to never leave it at a End as her Owner took her to a Massive Academy where many Dogs Stood.

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#268585 Posted on 2023-04-25 12:02:00

Is this RP still going on and if so I'll sign up!!!

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Oscar Kat's Rescue :>

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