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Midnight Outlaw

"I guess that I'm ok, not being ok"

Midnight Outlaw

Welcome, set a spell, grab a drink! You can call me Outlaw or Reb. A bit about me:
  • -She/Her
  • -INFP
  • -Taurus
  • -Albertan
  • -Western Rider

In real life, I own 2 horses currently:
  • Cowgirl: solid bay QH mare, 15hh. Current all around riding horse
  • Amarillo: sorrel Appaloosa mare with roaning coming in. around 16hh

Favourite Artists:
  • -Turnpike Troubadours
  • -The Neighbourhood
  • -George Strait
  • -Ian Tyson
  • -Mvko
  • -Koe Wetzel
  • -Zach Bryan
  • -Diggy Graves
  • -WesGhost
  • -Sterling Elza
  • -Levi Turner

Favourite Shows/Movies:
  • -The Dukes of Hazzard
  • -Beverly Hillbillies
  • -Keeping Up Appearances
  • -Peaky Blinders
  • -Yellowstone
  • -The Kid
  • -Young Guns

Favourite Books/Series:
  • -The Starlit Wood: newfangled fairy tales
  • -anything by Louis L’Amour
  • -All Things Strange and Wonderful
  • -The Outsiders
  • -Poachers, Beans, and Birch Bark
  • -Orphan X (series)
  • -Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest (series)


  • Milo
  • oswin
  • Raptor
  • Bandit
  • Ducky
  • gaia

The wonderful layout was done by the talented Olympea, and was gifted to me by the lovely Ducky!

Checkout my second account for more breeds or just to say hi!

Gunsmoke Rose

Art & Commissions

Yes I do art, and yes I will do commsions. Here's some of what I can do:

  • Custom Characters (Using free lines)
  • Sig/Tag Recolours

Here is where you can find examples of my work:

Charrie Site : Smokin Guns Ranch

DeviantArt : MidnightGunslinger

Current Art Sales:

Northern Wonder tag sale

Art Waiting On:

  • Among the Pumpkins tags by Ledbrite
  • Bucking Mad Daph & Soul tag collab x2
  • Wey/Altair's Meet Me in the Meadow tag x2
  • Kali's Frolicking in the Hills tag x2

Characters Waiting On:

Auctions Bidded On:

Smokin' Guns Ranch

Welcome to Smokin' Guns Ranch, a sprawling, completely Western based ranch hidden in the Alberta Rockies. With clear, cool streams, tall trees, and long grass swaying on the meadows, it's a picturesque place that will take you straight back to the Old West!
Breeding Goals: (more info can be found in the public notes of each breeds' division).
  • Rare Colours
  • Flaxen, silver
  • No grey or fewspot
  • Western Stats
  • Country/Bluegrass Song names
  • Solid
  • Western Stats
  • Native American names
  • Rare colours
  • Flaxen, silver, sooty
  • No grey
  • Western Stats
  • Celtic & Welsh names
Gypsy Vanners:
  • Rare Colours
  • Flaxen, silver
  • No grey
  • Western Stats
  • Poems or song names names (groups spelling out poems/song lyrics)
  • Rare Colours
  • Flaxen, silver
  • No grey
  • Western Stats
  • Louis L'Amour books names
  • Rare Colours
  • Flaxen, silver, sooty
  • No grey
  • Western Stats
  • Non-Louis L'Amour western book names
Tennessee Walkers:
  • Rare Colours
  • Flaxen, silver
  • No grey
  • Western Stats
  • Random Names
Welsh Ponies:
  • Rare Colours
  • Flaxen, silver, sooty
  • No Grey
  • Western stats
  • Irish Names
Naming System:
  • Horses with the sword behind their name are either foals I've bred or foundies I've made, horses with rose are ones bought or from the RC
  • Foals will be named using a combo of their parents names
  • Foals from other language name breeds, such as Clydes, will be named using a combo of the parents' name meanings (which can be found in the horses' public notes)
Buying & Breeding:
  • Horses that are for sale will be in the sales division, but if any others should catch your eye, PM me with the horses' name and your offer, and we'll go from there
  • Horses are occassionally put up for brood/stud, but should you wish to stud/brood one of my horses, simply PM me with the horse you want to breed to's name, a link to your horse you want to breed it with, and a price offer, and I'll see what I can do
  • Horses are usually not for stud and brood until they're 15 years old, and I usually will not breed them for myself until 18, though exceptions can be made on occasion
  • Horses will usually be bred a maximum of 3 times, unless an exceptional horse
  • When breeding my horses, I will usually keep 1 or 2 foals for myself, depending on how nice the foals are, and will usually sell at least 1, so if there's a certain horse who you want a foal from but don't want to stud/brood, simply let me know, and I will let you have first dibs on the sale foals (this service is first-come-first-serve to keep things fair).
  • I will also occasionally breed two specific horses of mine together if someone really wants a foal from the two. If you see two horses you'd like a foal from, PM their names, your price offer, and we'll figure something out. THERE IS NO GUARENTEE ON WHAT THE FOAL WILL LOOK LIKE OR HAVE FOR STATS/CONFO. I require payment for this service up front, and will send over the foal immediately. There is no refund for the foal if you do not like it, you are free to ask if I'll buy it back for the same price paid (which I may do depending on the foal), but I am under no obligation to do so, if you do not like it and I do not wish to buy it you are free to sell it or send it off as you wish.

Top image by ha11ok || Coding by Olympea

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