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ξιίzα Ð

"Cherish the memories and the moments before they fly into the abyss of time"



My Character Website.













Click me if you have a general game question!
Click here if you want to learn how to make money fast!
Click here and Here if you want to learn more about showing!
Click me if you want to level up faster
Trying to buy or sell horses? Click here!
Horse for sale/stud:
Need a horse to breed to and one of mine qualifies? Send me a message, some of them are available upon request

Always looking for super low non-specialty stat endurance stangs
Breeding projects are constantly rotating depending on how much time I have to play. My main guys at the moment are sabino racing arabs!

I currently have a massive Endurance Shetland breeding project for no reason other than a wish to be a pony overlord. Breeding services will be available upon reaching 3rd generation.
My breeding programs are a bit all over the place, they become locked and unlocked depending on how crazy work is.
Breeding projects include Endurance Mustangs, cream driving Welshes, Racing Arabians, and a mix mash of who knows what.
Hello! My name is Eliza, though some people also call me Simba. I'm a female adult player who plays EV from a mountain located somewhere in the USA. I enjoy helping people, be it in everyday situations, or on here with game or art questions!  In my spare time I like to draw via either pencil and paper or digitally, read, play games, ride horses, as well as stalk the EV Discord chat.

Besides art, I am also very avid in participating in taekwondo and currently work in the craziness of the restaurant business as well as a barista.

When it comes to riding horses, I used to be very avid. I've dabbled in dressage, western mounted drill at speed, liberty, miniature chariot driving, as well as just good old hacking out on the trail. Currently I just stick to leisure rides on my neighbor's horses whenever I can get over there ^-^
Commission Status:

Unfortunately due to a great deal going on in my life, commissions will remain closed until further notice. If I at all have the time to take on requests by EV members I will post a topic in the forums <3

Character Design Rules:
Can be used anywhere though I ( must be credited on all future refs
Do not alter the design without permission -scars, war paint, and accessories are fine
Do not resell for more than the purchase price unless accompanied by art
Gift/Giveaway designs may not be resold, only re-gifted or be write/draw to adopt
Notifying me before reselling is appreciated (I may even buy it back)
Any future owners must also know these rules.

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ξιίzα Ð's Horse Divisions
01. Silver Smiths -12, 6 days LOCKED 5 horses
Not trained today
02. Silver Roses LOCKED 19 horses
Not trained today
03. Silver Sabinos LOCKED 22 horses
Not trained today
04. Silver Stangs -UNLOCK LOCKED 15 horses
Not trained today
05. Silver Petals LOCKED 16 horses
Not trained today
06. Silver Playlands LOCKED 9 horses
Not trained today
07. Silver Cream LOCKED 32 horses
Not trained today
08. Silver Wellies//Shet Found Overflow LOCKED 30 horses
Not trained today
09. Spotted Runaways LOCKED 32 horses
Not trained today
10. Locked LOCKED 26 horses
Not trained today
11. Randoms LOCKED 70 horses
Not trained today
12. The Shet Project Gen 2 LOCKED 24 horses
Not trained today
13. The Shet Project Found LOCKED 50 horses
Not trained today
New Division LOCKED 1 horses
Not trained today
Time Travelers LOCKED 2 horses
Not trained today

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