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"they told you it was written in the stars"

Rise Equestrian is devoted to producing high quality show horses for the Equiverse community. With a focus on low non-specialty stats, clean lines, and generational improvement of conformation, you can trust that stud/brood services and stock purchased from RE will aide you in your own breeding goals.

Sonoma I have played online horse sims off and on since the early 2000s, most consistently on Ludus Equinus--and always as Sonoma. I'm an avid runner and weight lifter, a fitness instructor, freelance writer, and a single mom. I'm prone to impromptu hiatuses, but if you ever need something feel free to message me and I'll respond when I'm back at it.

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Sale horses are listed at $5k/100 stats. Since everyone breeds for different purposes, I do not add fees for color, conformation, etc. Lined horses are generally for private sale; foundation horses or horses containing only my in-house lines are usually listed publicly.

I also sell homebred foals. These horses are only listed until 3 years of age. If not purchased by then, I cull them using the "Retire Early" function in the RC.

I don't generally sell my breeding or show stock, but if you see something you like you're welcome to ask.

Studs are listed at $2k/100 stats; broods are listed at $3k/100 stats. Foundations horses and those containing only in-house lines are listed publicly; horses containing outside lines get listed privately. Stud and brood services are open beginning at 10 years of age and shut down during my own breeding window--but you can always reach out for early servicing if it better meets the needs of your herd.

Custom foals (bred from my stud and brood) are available at $7k/100 stats at birth. Please message me if you're interested in this option.

Details to come.

Although I've dabbled in different breeds and disciplines from time to time, I always go back to racing Thoroughbreds. At the end of the day, I can't deny that this is where my heart truly lies.

I breed and purchase Thoroughbreds for:
- Low NSS
- Clean lines (free of inbreeding; I do accept deceased or uneven lineage)
- All Good+ conformation

Horses have a numerical generation identifier preceding their name, and have clean lines if a number exists. Those horses with a ° in place of another number may be of any generation and do contain known inbreeding.

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