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a little bit about me

My birthday is 10.08.1986, so if you can do the math I am over 30 years old now -.- I have been together with my best friend since 2006, and married to him since 10/09/2010. We have two boys, one was born in 2013, and the other born in 2019. We own an equally crazy and loyal Aussie named Pecos, and a devil spawn cat named Copper. We live near the gulf of Mexico somewhere in

I have been playing this game since November of 2008. Part of me wants to say it seemed just like yesterday, but it has felt like I've been here for ages. I use to be a moderator for the game to help out for a few of those years, but gave up that privilege because I was not fully active at one point and did not think it was very fair to Abbey, the rest of the moderators, or the players on the game.

I lost my father a few years ago to cancer. He died 4/4/16. He had a long hard battle when it began in 2011. He was my rock, my father; I'm still getting over it and I'm to the point where I may not cry everyday. How I don't understand that he could die at 54.

I mostly keep to myself and don't talk on the boards. I don't have a lot of friends but am friends with a few select older members. If you ever need something or have a question don't hesitate in asking me.


Over the years the varieties of horse breeds I have done have stretched far and wide. I have done Appaloosas the longest, I even still have the horse images for my first spotted friends. I still have a few different breeds, some that are active, but mostly sleeping that way I can keep my sanity. Below is just a ledger for me to keep up :) Enjoy.


??? X Temptations Call (W)
Tidal Effects x Sweet Tart (W)
Ragtime Rage x Dun Ina Moment
Special Sneak x Last Stand
Dun and Dusted x Moon Stone
Flash Bang x Dun Stop Believin
The Wrong Mister x Silver Maple
? x Starlit Diamonds
Time Warp x Future Unknown
Striker x Starry Storm
Dantes Storm x Foolish Rookie
Dashing Dandy x Prickly Pear
Sweet Catastrophe x ?

Smooth Stopper x Star Flight
Killer in the Shadows x Xtra Spicy
Caramel Chief x Dunn Runnin Around
Charming Crook x Broken Burden
Tipsy Topper x Sppotted Signal
??? x Playful Star
Cunning Culprit x Druzy Dreams
Reckless Dreams x Volatile Violet

Careless Fool x San Script
Pro Techtor x Tuft Stuff
Dasdardly Styled x Deadly Hope(E)
Wheeler Dealer x Gentle Resolve
Whiplash Terror x Assasins Creed (E)
Liscense to Kill x Dark Humor
Noted Assasin x Monter Magic
Xtra Ordinary x Lucky Gaze
Silver Storm x Hopes Last Stand
The Kissing Code x Fuzzy Memory
Quicky Dandy x Bubbly Zips
Reckless Dundee x Golden Bullet
Smoke Signal x Twisted Tea

-specialized in Dressage-

Grey Cloud x Humble Glory
Cloud Nine x Tender Mist
Just Because x Elusive Enchantment
Tail Spin x Char Do Neigh
Grand Illusion x Galaxy Girl
Loose Change x Triple Treat
Yankee Doodle x Black Rose
Gallant Lad x Baywatch Babe
Benny Boy x Bridal Run
Daggers Point x Tater Tot
Dusty Duke x Zip Appeal
Dark Squal x Tea Biscuit
Friskey Whiskey x Vanilla Rose
Fancy Pants x Creola Rosette
Top Notch x Emerald Fire
Hot Toddy x October Skies
Oliver Twist x Grace Note
Buzz Lightyear x Fair Maiden
Ebony Knight x Butter Bean
Yeiger Miester x Daddys Dollars
Dirty Harry x Brazen Burden
Flying Colours x Ocean Crest
Forrest Gump x Quick Timez
Quiz Master x Vanity Fair
Victory Blues x Georgia Girl
Court Jester x Vice Versa
Kadillac Jack x Jitter Bug
Twisted Noodle x Ginger Spice
Frozen Motion x Zodiac Princess
Two Socks x Honey Buns
Oki Doki x Holley Berry
Fire Ball x Kept Secret

Coat Color Calculator

Appy Markings Guide
LPlp patn1patn1 patn2patn2- varnish
LPLP patn1patn1 patn2patn2- varnish
LPlp PATN1patn1- leopard
LPlp PATN1PATN1- near leopard
LPLP PATN1patn1- near few-spot
LPLP PATN1PATN1- few spot
LPlp PATN2patn2- small spotted blanket
LPlp PATN2PATN2- large spotted blanket
LPLP PATN2patn2- small snowcap
LPLP PATN2PATN2- large snowcap

Show Jumping is affected by Speed&Agility (Carrot & Yellow Apple)
Dressage is affected by Intelligence & Agility (Green & Yellow Apple)
Endurance is affected by Endurance & Intelligence (Turnip & Green Apple)
Racing is affected by Endurance & Speed (Turnip & Carrot)
Driving is affected by Endurance & Strength (Turnip & Red Apple)
Western is affected by Intelligence & Speed (Green Apple & Carrot)

Yellow Apple - Agility
Green Apple - Intelligence
Red Apple - Strength
Carrot - Speed
Turnip - Endurance


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Notori's Horse Divisions
**Studs, Broods, & Sales** 4 horses
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App Foals 3 horses
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Apps Eventing (Lined) LOCKED 23 horses
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Apps Jumpers (Lined) LOCKED 16 horses
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Apps Western (Lined) LOCKED 43 horses
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Appy 2.0 LOCKED 27 horses
Not trained today
Chincoteague SJ Murrs 16 horses
Not trained today
Chincoteague SJ Studlies 16 horses
Not trained today
Dressage Trakes LOCKED 34 horses
Not trained today
Dressage TWH LOCKED 15 horses
Not trained today
Foundation App Project LOCKED 50 horses
Trained today
Jumping TWH LOCKED 14 horses
Not trained today
R Welsh Boyz 16 horses
Not trained today
R Welsh Mares 16 horses
Not trained today
SJ Trakes LOCKED 16 horses
Not trained today
TWH LOCKED 3 horses
Not trained today
Z Marking Experiment LOCKED 40 horses
Not trained today
Zz Extra Barn 8 horses
Not trained today
Zz Retirement Pasture 13 horses
Not trained today
zzzzz Lined App Foals LOCKED 28 horses
Not trained today

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