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"I like to buy herds"

No Cull Project: Mustangs
I have adopted Feline's No cull project of mustang horses. I am really impressed by how well they are doing and can't wait to see how well they do in further generations. I have yet to decide if I want to keep this herd growing or if I want to breed down to one foal.
I will breed them twice. At ages 19 and 20. This is to help ensure that I will have an even number for colts and fillies to further the project. Extra foals will be sold off to other players. 
About Weasel
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I am not sure what name I started out as here but I began playing EQ since 2011 and have been Weasel for as long as I can remember. I have taken long hiatuses but I always return. My birthday is March 4th 1990. I live in Kentucky with my daughter our two shepherds and six cats. I love getting messages on this game so please feel free to message me. I also love helping out new members so please don't be shy.

My shepherds are Cooper and Callie. They have their own blog and Instagram. I am excited to be getting into showing with them. We are currently training for rally and obedience competition and I am finishing up my courses in tog training. I am hoping to eventually start my own training business. If you are interested you can follow us on our blog HERE.

Vordr Farms
I always have extra slots to make shows so please if you ever need shows and you see me on just message me. I would be happy to make them for you.


I have a few guide lines when it comes to my horses. 

• Breeding are limited to 3 each. One being sold/auctioned to the public and the final two, at ages 19 and 20, are private. 

• I will not cross disciplines. I check over each horse that is bred to mine and will not accept the breeding if it is not going to produce a good foal.

• I stand behind my lines and will happy take/buy back any of my stock that I have personally bred. 

• Just because a horse is not listed for stud/brood does not mean that I am not open to discussing it if there is one you are intested in. Quarter Horses

I love the color verity with the Quarter Horses. That is probably why I have the in both endurance and western. I am also debating about starting a small herd of Dressage Quarter Horses. I am always interested in working with other breeders. So if you see a horse of mine you like I would be happy to work out something. Paint Horses

I started my Paints shortly after starting my Quarter Horses. I am extreamlly happy that it was one of my Paints that was my first home bred National horse. I show them in both Western and Show Jumping. Akhal-Teke Horses

I am a sucker for picking up herds that other players lose interest in. That is how I started my large Ahkal-Teke herd. I currently only show them in Dressage. I am still learning more about their genetics and plan to keep this a closed herd till later generations.

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