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Been getting a lot of people asking this lately even though it's already posted on my page below, but I'll say it again.. I DO NOT take commissions.


Hello there! Figured I'd update a little. I‘m 29(My bday is April 18th, 1994). I'm not super active here but I do enjoy meeting people here. I live in British Columbia, Canada and I love BC. I currently own 2 cats! One is a 3 legged fluffy boy who lost his leg to cancer. The other is a kitten I’ve had since September 2023.
I use to own a horse so I miss riding! Lost him to cancer unfortunately.
I don't play EV too often. I only lurk the forums mostly lol. I am a digital artist. Been doing digital art since 2007. I mostly do pixel art but lately I've been doing a lot more digital paintings, as well as traditional paintings irl!
I am also into plants! I'm still noob when it comes to gardening but I've grown myself a small veggie garden this past year and it was a blast!
I also very much like cooking. If you got recipes you wanna share, I'm always open to new recipes! <3
Anyway, I'm here to chat if anyone wants to :D

To Do List

Start list of horse breed images- 0-26 completedughi'llgetothissomedaylol

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Yeon (#45955) [1 free tag each sale]

Feather (#72812) [1 free tag each sale]

ɦօʀֆɛɢɨʀʟ (#124387) [1 free tag each sale] cos bestie <3

My Art Passes:
Yeon Art Pass

I do not take EVD/EVC commissions.

I do not do handouts. Do not ask me for art. If I know you well enough, I might do gift art. Don’t ask me to otherwise.

Please do not ask if you can have/buy my characters.
Please do not ask if you can have my items/EVD/EVC.
Please do not ask for commissions for EVD/EVC.

I do not give free hand outs to people I hardly know.
Thank you for reading.

Rules about owning a Siren character
-You may resell. You may resell for more than you paid ONLY if you have created or purchased art for it.
-If you bought for EVD/EVC, you may not resell for real money. If you bought with real money, you may resell for real money or sim money.
-If you bought for sim money and have purchased additional art with real money, you may resell for real money.
-Do not alter the design unless I say you can. (small edits are okay. ie. eye colour, hoof colour, etc. If you're unsure, just ask ^^)
-Always give me credit for the design.
-You may add accessories to it or change the gender.
-Giving away/trading is fine.
-It's not absolutely mandatory but I'd like if you checked with me before reselling as I might want to buy it back!
-If you have received one of my designs for free or through trade, I ask that if you ever want to resell that the design only be given away/traded.
-You are allowed to breed character designs made by me(if you own the design of course, or if you have permission from the owner)

Rules about other art
-You may not resell tags individually. You may sell alongside characters though.
-Do not edit/alter tags/art made by me.

Dressage - Yellow + Green Apple
Racing - Turnip + Carrot
Driving - Turnip + Red Apple
Show Jumping - Yellow Apple + Carrot
Endurance - Turnip + Green Apple

Western - Green Apple + Carrot 

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