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Star Stable Ranch

"Lowest Stud Prices On All Of Equiverse!!!"

About Me
  • Name: You can call me Evi!
  • Gender: Female
  •  Hair Color: Blond
  •  Eye Color: Blue
  • Favorite Horse Breed: AQHA
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Horse Color: Red Dun Roan
American Quarter Horse Club
 I am admin of this club. This club is owned by American State and as always we are looking to grow. We would appreciate you registering with the club, registering some of your horses, and if you would like to please donate!!! This is what keeps us going! We usually host 2 monthly contests. American Quarter Horses
  • Selling all horses that are not Paints, QHs, or Andalusians.
  • Breeding most horses.
  • Please message me about horses you want!!!!
Things I Love
  • Receiving gifts of money or decorations
  • Friend requests
  • Buying and selling horses
  • Looking at new trades in the market place
  • Looking at the rescue horses and adopting at least 1 per week
  • Getting EVC!!!
No messaging me asking me to buy your horses. This is against the rules of Equiverse. You will get 3 strikes. After 3 strikes i will block you.

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