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"Horses for sale and studs up for breeding"

W§ wildsideestate 

Hi I'm still new and learning. I'm always open to talk. Just know I'm 23 and 4 months pregnant at the moment (17 weeks). I don't know the gender but ik when I do I'll name a foal after them.

I try to do all breeds and all disciplines. All horses have a price even if it's not reasonable.

Horses for sale-(NSS base)
Horses with 65 or below are $10,000 or more
Horses with 66 to 98 are $8,000 to $7,100
Horses with 100 to 198 are $6,000 to $5,100
Horses with 200 or more are $4,000 to 3,100
Horses that are miss placed in a discipline are $2,000 or less

Breeding with studs-(NSS base)
Studs with 65 or below are $2,000 
Studs with 66 to 99 are $1,500
Studs with 100 to 199 are $1,000
Studs with 200 or more are $500
Studs missed place in discipline are $200

My favorite coat color is seal brown 🤎 I have a lot of horses with that color! But I do try to breed for other colors and markings. Everyone in the barn ( even if they are not in the for sale barn ) can be offered for don't mean my price is reasonable bc some horses are worth more then money to me. 

I'm always on once or twice a day so feel free to text me or add me as a friend.

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