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"Loving EV!"

About Me


Hello! My name is Aurowan, but you can just call me Auro or Rowan! I use they/them/he/him pronouns

I'm an adult (21+) who very much enjoys horses and hoarding pixels. I struggle with mental health heavily, and am usually struggling with IRL issues a lot. So apologies if I disappear.

You can find me on DeviantArt here

You can find my character website here

My Breeding Program



Here at Golden Mountain Estates, we strive to breed top quality Dressage Tekes. We are hoping to raise the stats and conformation of this lovely breed. We alternate every week between Green Apples & Yellow Apples to heighten their stats.

Tennessee Walking Horses

We have a very small program of Endurance TWHs, who we hope to see thrive in their showing enviroments.


Golden Mountain Estates is teaming up with Aerospace Equestrian Center to start the foundations of the baroque breed of Warlanders. We hope to keep as close to the breed standard as we can, while striving to raise stats and conformation up, while decreasing NSS.

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