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"Andalusian mare for sale for cheap!"

At Royal Legacy Ranch 

I offer second chances to recuse horses, but I will be offering top quality livestock once I get my breeding program going! 

My breeding program will have clean lines, proven dam/sire(s) 90+ conformation stats & color as a bonus.

All Foal/Adult horse(s) will be gene tested before sold! 

All foal(s) sold will have completed their foal training.  


Recuse horse(s) can range anywhere from $500-$10,000 depending on training, show records, conformation.

 (They will not cost more than 10k I'm even open to offers on the ones that are available for purchase) 

Boarding is offered to the public starting at

 $10 (per head) each week 

A little bit about myself IRL 

- I own a 6 yo Friesian x quarter horse gelding. 

- I love animals in general, I have 1 inside dog 2 inside cats plus 5 barn cats outside! 

-I am a young mom so please be patient with me when I can't respond quick. 

I try my best to get on and respond to messages anytime I can.


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