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Watercolor Memories Equestrian

Driving / Saddleseat
flaxen, sooty, sabino / at least 60 conformation
02.12.2023 I am so in love with my new layout made by punny! <3 working on getting this all filled out bear with me.
Watercolor Memories Equestrian Here at Watercolor Memories Equestrian, we take pride in our new Arabian horse breeding and training program. Our horses specialize in the driving / saddleseat discipline. We strive to achieve a 60 score or higher in conformation when breeding foals as well as flaxen, sooty and sabino genes. 
Breeding 60 conformation, color
Training Driving - Strength/Endurance Red Apple: +1-2 strength Turnip: +1-2 endurance
Alpina Designs I do make art once and a while, check the forums for tag recolors! These are closed as of right now.
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Duka | 29/F | She/her

Hey guys, the names Duka I have two children  I ride Saddlebred horses 

Layout by Punny | Photo by Bernd 📷 Dittrich

Account Information
Member Name duka
Member ID 130731
Account Type Deluxe (227 days left)
Joined July 31, 2021
Last Active 2024-07-21 17:52:31
Member Information
Money on Hand $2,748,980
Money in Bank $1,681,512
Player Level 17
Horses 53 / 305

Player Points
Yesterday 6972
This Week 148890
This Month 148890
All Time 6259154
Show Winnings
Yesterday $3,312
This Week $160,443
This Month $160,443
All Time $2,670,790

Member Level
Level 17 Experience 193118 (21%) EXP Required 883006 EXP Left 689888

duka's Horse Divisions
anglo arabians // driving LOCKED 0 horses
friesians // driving 3 horses
Trained today
i. arabian | mares // driving 15 horses
Trained today
i. arabian | stallions // driving 13 horses
Trained today
thoroughbred | mares // driving 13 horses
Trained today
thoroughbred | stallions // driving 9 horses
Trained today
v. training | young horses LOCKED 0 horses
x. retired LOCKED 0 horses

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