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"Tired Of Reality"

Oh? Someone has visited my page.

Hello :3

You won't find much here, I have been on and off the game for a while, at this point it really just depends on my state of mind if i want to be here or not.  I have no goal with any one horse that i have on this account. Just here to vibe.

I do art and have done tags/sigs and the like in the past and may still do it on occasion, custom work however is no longer accepted from me here on EV.  

If you wish to know some things about me here is a short list

- Autistic 

- Artist

- Animal lover

- Gamer

there you go that's all you get. Enjoy your stay at this very boring page! 






Last updated: 3/22/2024

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Member Name Rye
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Joined February 17, 2021
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