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"Sneezes Glitter & Farts Rainbows"

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Pine View Stables

Pine View Stables Website

Despite being a relatively small stable, Pine View Stables boards all of my horses. The horses have been acquired through various means from other stables to help start my own bloodline.

The stable houses horses from all different specialties the vast majority being, dressage, racing, western, and show jumping. Despite its small size Pine View Stables is slowly on track to being a first-class facility.


Gypsy Vanner

Currently, Gypsy Vanners are my main focus these horses are predominantly foundation stock. I have acquired these horses either by being gifted to me or bought. I do not plan to breed these horses until they become of age, and I breed for solid colors with quality NSS. These horses are rather special to me and therefore their lines will remain private.

Shetland Pony

These little ponies are my second focus, and I love how far these ponies have excelled and have gotten to the hall of fame. The ponies are bred for either racing, driving, or dressage, much like Gypsy Vanners I breed for high stats and low NSS, meanwhile having quality colors.


You will find two different specialties among my Appaloosa herd, either Show Jumping or Western. Both specialties are doing incredibly well in the show ring and despite not being my main focus as of now the Appaloosas are doing so well.


Like my Appaloosas, there are two specialties for my Thoroughbreds, Driving, and Showjumping. I'm just starting to realize their potential as a new breed of horse to develop in my showing collection. They are beginning to do really well and I am excited to see how they turn out. 


My Paints are bred for Endurance and at the moment are just beginning their showing career. I expect they will do well like my other horses. These horses are very colorful in a mixture of patterns, markings, and color.


The other breeds on my account are there as a bit of fun and to expand my stable, as well as generate income for myself. I do offer these horses to the public but only as geldings, never will I give away such well-bred horses. If you are interested in one of the other breeds of horses I have, I will often consider an offer. However, all other offers on my Gypsy Vanners, Shetland Ponies, and Appaloosas will be ignored. 


Personally I try to breed for non-inbred lines, meaning no repeats in bloodlines and no deleted horses. I breed all horses at age 18 and I only breed once or twice in a horses lifetime. I breed all my horses for low NSS and high stats. All my horses have started from foundation stock and therefore are rather special to me. I am often reluctant to sell horses, but if any are for sale they will be in a the "Sales" division.

I often breed my horses for color as well as low NSS and high stats. Therefore you will find the majority of my Gypsy Vanners and Shetland Ponies having little to no pattern. I try to breed for solid color in most of my breeds.

My brand is ♔ therefore all showing horses that are owned by me (regardless of breeding) will have this brand. The only exception is my Riding school horses, who will probably never be bred.

Horses that are for sale will only be available as geldings, this is to protect my lines from outside influences. These horses will be very capable in the show ring and guaranteed to earn money.  

About Me

I am an adult player from Australia. I am married with two guinea pigs that are my life.

I am super friendly and love to chat, but please do not send me random friend requests as these will be ignored. I like to get to know people first.

Star Sign.....Sagittarius

Chinese Zodiac.....Dog

Favorite Food.....Sushi

Favorite Animal...Unicorn (they exist)

Favourite Horses

Careful Fortune - Gypsy Vanner - Driving

Making Headlines - Shetland Pony - Racing

Bittersweet Surprise - Shetland Pony - Racing

Realm Of Silver - Shetland Pony - Dressage

Blackened Voodoo - Gypsy Vanner - Driving

Teardrops And Rose - Gypsy Vanner - Driving

Darkness Rising- Appaloosa - Show Jumping

United In Diversity - Appaloosa - Western

Turn The Lights On - Quarter Horse - Western

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Laureal's Horse Divisions
Awaiting Pairs 0 horses
Dressage Andalusian 30 horses
Trained today
Dressage Gypsy Vanner 8 horses
Trained today
Dressage Shetland Pony 9 horses
Trained today
Dressage Tennessee Walking Horse 14 horses
Trained today
Dressage Welsh Pony 6 horses
Trained today
Driving Gypsy Vanner Foals 14 horses
Not trained today
Driving Gypsy Vanner I 14 horses
Trained today
Driving Gypsy Vanner II 5 horses
Trained today
Driving Gypsy Vanner III 6 horses
Trained today
Driving Gypsy Vanner IV 6 horses
Trained today
Driving Gypsy Vanner V 4 horses
Trained today
Driving Lipizzaner 8 horses
Trained today
Driving Lipizzaner II 8 horses
Trained today
Driving Shetland Pony 8 horses
Trained today
Driving Thoroughbred 17 horses
Trained today
Endurance Paint Horse 27 horses
Not trained today
Foals 3 horses
Not trained today
Miniature Horse 12 horses
Trained today
Racing Akhal-Teke 19 horses
Not trained today
Racing Paint Horse 2 horses
Not trained today
Racing Quarter Horse 6 horses
Trained today
Racing Shetland Pony Foals 18 horses
Not trained today
Racing Shetland Pony I 10 horses
Trained today
Racing Shetland Pony II 3 horses
Trained today
Racing Shetland Pony III 16 horses
Trained today
Racing Shetland Pony IV 4 horses
Trained today
Racing Shetland Pony V 4 horses
Trained today
Racing Trakehner 15 horses
Not trained today
Retire 22 horses
Not trained today
Sales LOCKED 0 horses
Show Jumping Appaloosa 16 horses
Trained today
Show Jumping Clydesdale 8 horses
Trained today
Show Jumping Dutch Warmblood 8 horses
Not trained today
Show Jumping Gypsy Vanner 7 horses
Trained today
Show Jumping Thoroughbred 37 horses
Trained today
Treasure Chest LOCKED 1 horses
Trained today
Western Appaloosa 8 horses
Trained today
Western Chincoteague 12 horses
Trained today
Western Morgan 1 horses
Trained today
Western Quarter Horse 16 horses
Trained today

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