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"If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour."


$20/week. Please message me if you need more space for your ponies. 

Training Arenas:
Novice level: All disciplines - 50 slots/h - $20/session
Local level: All disciplines - 50 slots/h - $40/session
Regional level: All disciplines - 50 slots/h - $60/session
National level: All disciplines - 50 slots/h - $80/session
International level: D, DV, E, SJ & W - 50slots/h - $100/session
Go visit the Training Arenas

Riding School: Feel free to use the Riding School any time you like. 
Go visit the Riding School

Shows: Hosts up to 200 shows/day. 
D: 'Fancy footwork'
DV: 'Your carriage awaits, my Lady'
E: 'Blazing the trail'
R: 'A day at the races'
SJ: 'Hop, skip and jump'
W: 'Not my first rodeo'

Entry fees:
Novice level $20
Local level $40
Regional level $60
National level $80
International level $100

Marketplace: Treats, tack, plushies, backgrounds, etc. 
Visit Golden Leaf Stable Store



Here at Golden Leaf Stable I breed Driving Chestnut Friesans.
The goal is to breed successful showhorses (high stats, low NNS) with high conformation. 
I only use my own horses for breeding so all foals are from pure, free of inbreeding, lines. 

All horses are gene tested, get daily care, treat, training, entered in 10 shows and regular visits from the vet and farrier. 
Credit items are used when creating the foundations. No horses are cubed/minted or culled. 

Each generation has its own theme, inspired by the month they were born;
December 2019 - 🦌 Santa's Reindeers:
Dasher ❤️ Dancer Prancer ❤️ Vixen Comet ❤️ Cupid Donner ❤️ Blitzen Rudolph ❤️ Ginger

Thank you Raptor #79219 for the stable logo!

About me
Inspirations for the "stable theme" comes from the game Star Stable Online (SSO) where my
homestable is, you guessed it, Golden Leaf Stable.

My name is Harley, I'm 32 years old trans-guy and live in Sweden. 
I asked some friends to describe me with a few words and this is what they said: 
easy to talk to, funny, a little bit crazy, friendly, a good listener, stubborn, lonewolf, heavy
metalfan, colorful personality, animal lover and eccentric. 

My beloved husband and I have been a couple for 14 years now. We live in a small town north
of Stockholm 
with our 7 year old Irish wolfhound. I work part-time as a stableman in a breeding stable not
far from home. 

In my spare time you probably find me out in the woods with the dog, playing Star Stable
Online or EV (of course!), crocheting, stretched out on the coach with a movie/book (most
likely Harry Potter or something else from the wonderful world of fantasy) or in the front row
of a concert when my idols are on tour in Sweden.  

Music is something I can't live without. 
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) has been my idol for many years. 
I listen mostly to hardrock and heavy metal, for example: Sabaton, Powerwolf, Raubtier, Timeless Miracle, Disturbed, 
E. Nomine, Blutengel and others. 

Steampunk is a groving interest and some of the bands from that genre I really like are: Abney Park, The Cog is Dead, Clockwork Dolls and The Clockwork Quartet.

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