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Me and my Kitty/ under 13

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Me and my Kitty/ under 13

#86974 Posted on 2017-01-10 21:45:18

Adding this to the 13 and under section too.

So, this is my first ever tag sale. Have some mercy on me. I'm doing it because a couple people have requested it, so... here it is. My best attempt. I'm not the best at this yet, so please keep the characters semi-simple (aka, I can do appaloosa's, but no rainbow galaxy pons. Any stripy kitties will look like the one in the second example as far as style) You can message me if anything needs changed or I need to fix something. no add ons please. There is so little of the horse shown that I don't think I could manage figuring it out.

okay, the tags (sorry first ones not my best job, I kind of just threw it together last minute)

Okay, I'm going to do 3 slots with up to two tags per slot. Only one slot per person. I might do a second round, I might not. Depends on if I have time and enough people are interested. I have a job, so things might not get done immediately, but they should get done in fair time.

40k each, credits= 50k
(aka, if you buy two, you could pay 1 credit plus 30k) You can't, however, pay one credit for one and expect 10k back. Not happening.

standard art rules apply (aka, credit me please. Credits must remain on. You can more it to another part of the picture, but it must remain on the picture. no stealing, yada yada, you get the drift.)
I don't care if you use it off site, just no selling it off site.
no reselling for more than you paid, but reselling is allowed.

1. raptorfang- paid

character reference (horse):
character reference backup:
cat charrie reference:
cat charrie backup:
anything else?:


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#87065 Posted on 2017-01-11 13:34:38

1. Raptorfang

character reference (horse): raptor horse version
character reference backup: here, but I would *strongly* prefer if you did the ref
cat charrie reference: raptor
cat charrie backup: um... what if I don't have one? all my other cat characters are more complicated, so if you can't do the reference, just let me know.
payment: 40k
anything else?: nope ♥

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