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"i'm a dragon RAWR"

meet the owl
Hi, you can call me Olive, Owl, Owlish, Loser, whatever you want, I'll probably answer. I'm a newlywed mom of one amazing four-year-old, thus the totes realistic coloring of my mascot horse. I have two bunnies who are antisocial and rude, the very best and sweetest cat in the world, and a step-puppy that, unfortunately, lives with my mother-in-law.

breeding schedule
My horses ended up all over the board with their ages even within the divisions. I'm starting fresh with each breed. When the oldest horse of the division turns ten, I'm breeding them all and then retiring the mares. The stallions will be placed in my Stud Barn and continue to show, train, etc. At around 16 they'll be made studs, except for a few I am gelding because the lines are long but get a little tangled or overbred.

After that, of course, I will not be breeding this next line until at least age 16.

Due to locking sections a number of times, nothing below is even remotely accurate.

ᴅʀᴇ Andalusians28 Sept
ᴅʀᴇ Arabians19 Dec2 Jan16 Jan
ᴅʀᴇ Friesians31 Oct14 Nov28 Nov
ᴅʀᴇ Morgans19 Dec2 Jan16 Jan
ᴅʀᴇ TN Walkers21 Oct4 Nov18 Nov
ᴅʀᴠ Gypsies13 Oct
ᴇɴᴅ Arabians24 Oct
ʀ Thoroughbreds26 Oct
sᴊ Dutch WBs1 Nov
sᴊ Paints6 Oct
w Appaloosas12 Oct
w Quarter Horses3 Nov
graphics & orders
I like to do graphics from realistic photomanips to line art and coloring. I've been gone for the last three months with real life in the way, so bear with me while I set everything up. The Owl's Next above is a link to my webs site and it's very much a WIP, but I'll slowly be updating it.

I am in the process of buying a house and then moving, so I won't really be able to do graphics for a while.

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Money on Hand $28,867
Money in Bank $4,792,388
Player Level 16
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Owlish Olive's Horse Divisions
ᴅʀᴇ Andalusians ▸ 🇦🇬🇮 🇮🇳🇹 10 horses
ᴅʀᴇ TN Walkers ▸ 🇦🇬🇮 🇮🇳🇹 6 horses
ᴅʀᴠ Gypsies ▸ 🇸🇹🇷 🇪🇳🇩 8 horses
ᴇɴᴅ Arabians ▸ 🇮🇳🇹 🇪🇳🇩 4 horses
ᴇɴᴅ Mustangs ▸ 🇮🇳🇹 🇪🇳🇩 2 horses
ʀ Thoroughbreds ▸ 🇸🇵🇩 🇪🇳🇩 2 horses
sᴊ Dutch WBs ▸ 🇸🇵🇩 🇦🇬🇮 6 horses
sᴊ Trakehners ▸ 🇸🇵🇩 🇦🇬🇮 14 horses
w Appaloosas ▸ 🇮🇳🇹 🇸🇵🇩 8 horses
w Quarter Horses ▸ 🇮🇳🇹 🇸🇵🇩 8 horses
zzzzzzzz 0 horses
zzzzzzzz 0 horses
zzzzzzzz 0 horses
zzzzzzzz 0 horses
zzzzzzzz 0 horses
zzzzzzzz 0 horses
zzzzzzzz 0 horses
zzzzzzzz Geriatric Ward 0 horses
zzzzzzzz Sale Barn 8 horses

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