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"The struggle is real."

welcome to my humble abode.

Buyer Beware

My horses are almost always set for auction. Why? Because I care about the homes they are going to. If you breed your horses before 17 years old, breed your horses more than four times, or bid less than half of what they are up for - don't bother bidding. I will not sell my horses - my hard work, time, and dedication - to just anyone. Most people who follow the above rules will most likely be accepted. I am on every day, multiple times per day, to accept bids. I will often buy back unwanted foals from my own lines, should they be offered, please ask before you resell.

Stud & Broodmares

When breeding to either a stud or broodmare of mine a horse must meet a few requirements. 1. Be within 5 years of the stud/broodmare. I don't condone breeding early, and will refuse offers of horses that are not in their prime. Foals reflect on their owners. 2. Be well treated, trained, and generally taken care of. If a stud/broodmare is of a much higher stat rate than what's being offered, decisions go on a case by case basis. If it's due to their generation, or unfortunate showing, most will be accepted. If the horse doesn't appear to be well taken care of it will not get a breeding. 3. I will not open more stud slots on a horse than what is offered. Stud slots that are taken and then pulled will most likely not open again.

Art & Coding

My art and coding services are closed til further notice. I want no messages about taking on new work, though people owed are always free to message me. My laptop is broken, and I'm working on the family computer to finish up commissions, when possible.

Questions & Concerns

All questions and concerns about my horses or any of the above can be directed to my mailbox.

current events & top horses.
12/15 - Running a few less groups than normal due to the upcoming holidays and my baby shower. Busy next few weeks for myself, so mainly only keeping foals, my two foundation projects, and starting foundation projects open for proper aging. c:

12/10 - Currently back and rebuilding both my quarter horse lines and paint lines after the loss of all my horses. Hope to once again be a leading breeder of high quality, high stat horses in the near future, so keep an eye out!
western paints.
western quarter horses.

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Nittrous's Horse Divisions
* | Sales 2 horses
* | Studs and Broodmares 7 horses
CONFORMATION | Quarter Horses △ 24 horses
FOUNDATION | Akhal-Tekes 32 horses
FOUNDATION | Paints 1 26 horses
FOUNDATION | Paints 2 32 horses
FOUNDATION | Vanners 20 horses
PROJECT | Foundation Quarter Horses 16 horses
RETIRED | Foundation Appaloosas 24 horses
RETIRED | Foundation Paints 12 horses
RETIRED | Out to Pasture 4 horses
[FOALS] | Paint Horses 4 horses
[FOALS] | Quarter Horses 12 horses
[LOCKED] | Confirmation Horses (Post-Breeding) 21 horses
[LOCKED] | Cryogenics 14 horses
[L]01 | Quarter Horses [3+] 15 horses
[L]02 | Quarter Horses [2] 34 horses
[L]03 | Quarter Horses [F] 46 horses
[L]04 | Paint Horses 60 horses
[X] | Unnamed 18 horses

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