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"So Tired Of Everything........."

Hi, this is cooper8. I have just started my own QH and Miniature Horse lines so I'm really excited for that. If you are interested in my horses let me know even if they are not for sale/stud/etc. I am lenient abut that. I have started making more art lately and I need to get some of my art out there so you will see a lot of art sales on Forums from me. If you are interested you can PM me anytime about having a character made specially for you. I don't ask for much price wise so yeah. If you ever just want to talk or if you ever have any question feel free to PM me and I will help you you as best I can. XD Also, here is the link to my spare account where I'm doing all of my lines: Art Pass Holders: Laney (#64834) *Forever* Bopper (#87547) *Forever* Valzed (#87263) *6 Month, started on August 29th, 2016 Character Website: PitaPata Horse tickers

This is my QH Nash. I have started doing speed events on him. He is like a giant teddy bear. He is a really fun horse to ride, and he has a motor on him when you ask. This is my 13 yr old palomino Quarter Horse, Nash. He is a 15 hh gelding and is like a giant teddy bear. I have had him for almost a year now and he is the best horse that I could have ever asked for. He has speed in him and is great in contesting. I do 4-H and other local shows with him. This is our newest horse, Jasper. He is a 15.2 hh Rocky Mountain gelding, but he is not gaited. He is only 7 yrs old so he is still a bit green but he will be great in the future. I may even try liberty with way down the road because he has the personality for it.

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