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Thank you Dutch Crest Stables and Stormy (SWS) for my first character, True Blue! Lightning
Apollo Horizon True Blue Flora Manhattan Manhattan's Ref Storm Summer's Dream Rosa Pyro Strisce Frost Angel Figaro Chaos Lux Syra War Veraisa Veraisa ref Max & Oilver Raven Crystal Voltaire Alice Spirit Balou Dusk Venus Star Dust Winnie Sunny Cinder Apollo Harlow Deirdre Astro Luna Mardi Gras Holly Unnamed 2 Misty Nova Breeze Nitro Nyx Tinsle Elfi CC (Candy Cane) Kovu Sobek Meatball Jubilee New Appy Nammee Skittles Cali
About Me

I'm Cat. I'm 17 years old and living in the sunshine state. I don't have any horses but I work at a local barn three days a week and also take lessons there. I ride English and currently jump 2'3" courses. While I love big horses (16hh+), I currently ride a large pony (14.2hh) who has a heart of gold and could jump the moon. Here is Ms. Angel. Right now I am riding a grey TB that just came off the track in January, Tailor

[b]In The Game

Breeding Trakehners! Started a new line of Trakehners after the recode started. My Trakehners are being bred for rare colors (double dilutes, tobiano, roan) and high stats in show jumping. If interested in breeding to one of my stallions, pm me. Horses will not be breed before they are 15 years old, unless there is a special case.

I'm a member of the Trakehner Club!
I'm a member of the Trakehner Club!

Also breeding Thoroughbreds! Started a brand new line, being trained in racing with the goal of high stats and rare colors and patterns. I'm a member of the Thoroughbred Club!
I'm a member of the Thoroughbred Club!

Carrots = speed
Red Apples = Strength
Yellow Apples = Aglity
Green Apples = Intelligence
Turnips = Endurance

Show Jumping = Speed & Aglity (Carrots & Yellow Apples)
Dressage = Intelligence & Aglity (Green Apples & Yellow Apples)
Endurance = Endurance & Intelligence (Turnips & Green Apples)
Driving = Strength & Endurance (Red Apples & Turnips)
Racing = Speed & Endurance (Carrots & Turnips)
Western = Speed & Intelligence (Carrots & Green Apples)
Tour Guides of EV

If you're new to EV and need some help, feel free to ask me or any of the other EV Tour Guides. Click on Lightning below to be taken to the club page.

Account Information
Member Name Cat
Account Type Deluxe (87 days left)
Joined April 5, 2015
Last Active 2017-03-25 19:38:47
Member Information
Money on Hand $28,250
Money in Bank $20,332,358
Player Level 13
Horses 31 / 50 (0 unborn foals)

Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 443661
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $0
This Month $0
All Time $33,946

Member Level
Level 13 Experience 97846 (26%) EXP Required 366900 EXP Left 269054

Cat's Horse Divisions
1: New Line Trakehner 12 horses
2: Thoroughbred 14 horses
Horses For Sale 0 horses
Projects/Special 3 horses
Spare 2 horses

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