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Please note that I don't accept random friend requests.
I use she/her pronouns.
Also, don't ask me to sell a horse or put it up for stud.

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- I'm a deluxe member!
Ω - This is an Omega, the last letter in the Greek alphabet.

"All you can do is try to know who your friends are, as you head off to the war," - from the song The Call, by Regina Spektor
"Ain't no reason running after something already gone," - from the song Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, by Luke Bryan

Important Dates:
January 18, 2015: the day I joined EV
November 27, 2015: the day I became a Deluxe Member

Other Accounts:
RF's Quarter Dollar Farms, I.D. #88994, where I breed QHs for color (currently locked)
RF's Olympus Colors Stud, I.D. #85876, where I have some random horses (currently locked)

I Also Play/Have An Account On:
Chicken Smoothie (raptorfang)
DeviantArt (Raptorfang)
Animal Jam (I don't socialize on there tbh)

About Me:
You can call me RF, Raptorfang, or Raptor. I'm female, and use she/her pronouns.
My IRL Animals: My horse's name is Rocky. He is a bay roan Tennessee Walker. I also have a Mini Cicilian Donkey named Jack. I have goats, dogs, fish, a rabbit, and chickens as well.
My Warriors OC is Raptorfang (horse version here, pegasus version here), hence my name. I was like 9, so excuse the bad name. It stuck, though, but her story is basically boring, so I've all but moved on to newer fanfictions. She's more like a fursona now. :P Here is my other Warriors OC with a ref (who is in one of my newer and better fanfictions), Wormheart.
I do often roleplay! I do cats or horses mostly, but I have done wolves as well.
I am a Veteran EV Player, meaning I played before the recode.
I am usually pretty friendly at first, but if you provoke me, I get blunt and impatient. Here are some words that describe me: sarcastic, cautious, smart, stubborn, not modest, and always suspicious. At least, I think I am all those things lol. Even if I answer with a friendly comment to something/an action that I didn't like, please don't think I didn't care. I just watch my temper so I don't go overboard... lol. I really like theorizing, and I refer to myself as a hard-core shipper.
I am a HUGE Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus, Warriors, Guardian Herd, Kane Chronicles, and Hunger Games fan. I'm also in the MLP: FiM fandom kinda, even though it's slightly boring for me now tbh. Oh, and I can't forget to mention that I also enjoy watching FNaF gameplays and listening obsessively to Hamilton songs. If you like any of these things, shoot me a PM! Just keep in mind that I can sound a bit salty when I/you mention a character or thing I hate, and I rant a lot.

The Horses:
Welcome to Twin Oaks Ranch, or TOR for short!
What I focus on:
My Thoroughbreds, Chincos, Shetlands, and Arabians are being bred for color. I may use the Arabs for crossbreeding, whenever that's added. The color TBs all specialize in racing, but I don't really focus on it. I also have some former/current raise-a-foundation TBs specialized in show jumping, and I hope to on day breed for stats using those lines.
The story of how I got these breeds:
I've always loved Thoroughbred racehorses, so my first 3 horses (Ruffian MM, Stingray Affliction, and their daughter Icefire) were of that breed! After that, I got lots of different breeds, some of which aren't in the present-day game anymore. Later on, I started breeding just TBs, but focused on nothing in particular. This resulted in generally bad stock. I was very proud of my one red roan, but unfortunately, all that hard work was erased in the recode due to roan being taken out of the breed. Now, I still breed TBs, and for color (more professionally this time)! I started this project around August 2016. My new project horses (the ones I breed, at least) actually have bloodlines dating back to my first 3 horses, too! Cool, right?
Now, the Chincos were not really planned. Around September 2016, I picked up one black rabicano gem from the RC (Handsome Thunder). I then got a foundation mare (Dun Smoked It), who turned out rabicano, too! I randomized her color, because it was gray, and got smoky cream, which is pretty rare. I started breeding them, since I already had 2 good horses, and now I have quite a few Chincos that are very rare! I'm trying to get rarer colors- not necessarily the highest-in-demand ones -while keeping rabicano as at least one of the patterns.
The Arabians are a new color project started in October 2016 and most likely will not stay for anything but crossbreeding. They just don't have that many colors. After I breed a flaxen (ff) chestnut sabino (Sbsb), I'm going to call it quits.
I got my Shetlands because their club is very active and fun-looking, and because their art is adorable. They are a new color project, started in November 2016.
My stat project TBS started out as raise-a-foundation horses.
What I have:
I also have a random horse for stud located in my Studs division. Please be aware that they are not TBs, Arabs, or Chincos though!
Any horses in my Old Stock group that aren't old are suppose to be there, yes. They're leftovers from my old herd that I abandoned for colorful ones instead. They are not to be sold; they are to be cared for until they all die off.
What I'm looking for:
I'm looking for all colors and patterns of TBs except bays and grays. However, I may buy a bay or gray with a good pattern. May. But that's highly unlikely, unless it's a severely discounted price, as I'd have to pay credits to randomize it's color.
I'm looking for pretty much all colors and patterns of Chincos & Shetlands, but preferably nothing too common, and NO GRAY, unless you're willing to lessen the cost and it has a good pattern. Also, rarer colors/patterns are a plus!
I'm not looking to buy any Arabs currently.
I might also buy QHs for my spare from here. In that case, I'm looking for any color/pattern that is rare. Absolutely no grays, bays, or chestnuts!
If a horse I purchase has a brand/prefix in their name, I try and preserve it. Any horses I breed or create myself will have the brand (M~M) after their name. Also, if a horse's name says "(G 1)", but it's not actually a generation 1 horse, it's because it's the first generation of my project. The same goes for all the other generation-numbered horses.
My project TBs have fire-related names 🔥, the Chincos have names based off natural disasters and such ☢, the Arabs have sky/cloud/air-related names ☁, and the Shetlands have names that are either song titles or lines from songs ♫.
My lines:
Old Thoroughbred Lines (focused on nothing in particular): Established 2015, ended 2016.
Color Thoroughbred Lines: Established 2016.
Color Chincoteague Lines: Established 2016.
Color Arabian Lines: Established 2016.
Color Shetland Lines: Established 2016.
Stat Thoroughbred Lines: Established 2016.

Art Passes:

Club Cards/Breeders Directories:
Thoroughbred Breeders Directory
Chincoteague Breeders Directory
Shetland Breeders Directory

The Hunger Games Club I'm a member of the Chincoteague Club!
I'm a member of the Chincoteague Club!
I'm a member of the Thoroughbred Club!
I'm a member of the Thoroughbred Club!
I'm a member of the Shetland Pony Club!
I'm a member of the Shetland Pony Club!

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Badges/Random Celebration Tags:


Feel free to use these for examples, but A) I must be able to keep the art for free, and B) you must tell me first, and ask for the ref(s) to use... I might not want a certain character to be used in certain art.
None of these characters are for sale/trade/free/breeding ect. Ever. DO NOT ask.
Also, be sane and don't steal them. Kthx.

Here's my characters. Tempest, Indian, Papaya, Hardtrigger, Korona, Kat, Coconut, Arty, Rutabaga, Ash, Ruff, Rustler, Melosa, and Dama are realistic, and live at Twin Oaks Ranch (don't steal the name or design okay, it's by, aka myself).
Cake, Chica, and Divertido live in their own world of party ponies (disregard them).
Criminal, La, Lethen, Shiloh, Carma, and Cinder live in a somewhat-realistic world; more specifically, Dragon Island, located West of the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean (don't steal my map design or names, please; also, the template was by some school worksheet company... no copyright intended; I'll give credit when I can).
Bonita and Valiente live in a fantasy, mid-evil world with Laney's King Syrus and Burden. They are in an RP with Laney and I.
Witchy and Sangre live in a Halloween world... thing. They may end up living with the party ponies if I can't make their story believable and not random.
Ember and Hatch are going to be in an RP with Beltane, if we actually do it. They are from an 1800s ranch.
Torali and Flare are made-up breeds by others that I don't use. They don't really live anywhere.
Cardinal is another made-up breed, but he is realistic enough, so I use him in a DA group.
Spruce and Colt are RP characters in the roleplay World Of Strays.
Hestia, Charavi, Orie, and Quet are RP characters in the roleplay Flying Free.
Stormfrost, Silentwind, Rainflash, Lakemist, Grassheart, Ashstorm, Brackenfeather, Violetwing, Sugarleaf, Emberflight, and Amberroot are pegasi in Sky Plains Herd, a pegasus herd in the natural world.
The rest live in a totally fictional world (or traveled there) full of gods and evil horses- and I'm not listing all their names because there's A LOT.

This is badly set up, but whatever. I don't put any of their other art here because I have too much. Enjoy, if you dare venture into the unknown...

Black Heart (Brother of Kamen, Thoroughbred, stallion):
Azra (WORKING ON REVAMP) (Sister of Roanahni, mare):
Red Hot Kamen "Kamen" (Brother of Black Heart, Thoroughbred, stallion, blinded in left eye- was shot with an arrow):
Annalyst, Goddess of Magic (Sarin' x Flesta, mare):
Lise, Goddess of Dawn (Reg De x Soleil, mare):
Love Thorn (sorcerer, mare):
Cake (stallion):

Flesta, Goddess of Power (mare):
Chica (based off a FNaF character; mare):
Stormfrost (cloud-flyer, stallion, 3 years old):
Silentwind (cloud-flyer, stallion, 2 years old):
Vurna, Goddess of Poison (mare):

Scale, Lord of Fire (Reg De x Soleil, stallion):
Ventriloquist "Trilly", Minor Goddess of Trickery (Discordah x mortal Appaloosa mare, mare):

Tempest In The Atmosphere "Tempest" (registered); Age: 5; Breed: Appaloosa with some traces of QH blood; Gender: Stallion; Height: 15.1 hh; Extra Brands/Add-Ons: shoes; Breed Registry Tattoo On Upper Lip; Specialty: Western Pleasure, Breed Shows (Western and In-Hand) and All-Around Cowhorse Shows:
Sarin', Lord of the Deceased (stallion):
Ekhian, Lord of Revenge (or εκδίκηση, meaning 'revenge', in Greek, stallion (evil)):

Reg De, Lord of the Moon (stallion):
Soleil, Goddess of the Sun (older sister of Banditaro, female):
Lakeside Indian "Indian" (registered); Age: 10; Breed: Mini; Gender: Stallion; Height: 5.7 hh; Specialty: In-hand Breed Shows; Status: father of Melosa's unborn foal:

Banditaro, Lord of Thieves (younger brother of Soliel, stallion (evil)): Toklado, Lord of Messengers (stallion): Chason (female): Salam (male): Roanahni (Brother of Azra, stallion): Tasha, Goddess of War (mare): Discordah, Lord of Chaos (stallion): Torali (Torse, mare): Hardtrigger (registered); Age: 14; Breed: Mustang; Gender: Gelding; Height: 14.9 hh; Extra Brands/Add-Ons: BLM brand; Long-Term holding brand; Specialty: Did Ranch Work, Now Does Barrel Racing And Western Recreational; H.M.A.: Hardtrigger, ID; ID: 36951: Korona (registered); Age: 6; Breed: Mustang; Gender: Mare; Height: 14.7 hh; Extra Brands/Add-Ons: BLM brand; Specialty: Did Mustang Makeover Challenge, Currently Doing Roping Shows; H.M.A.: Gold Butte, NV; ID: 72698: Keretino (Lord of Water, stallion, blind (never was able to see), older brother of Kýma): Kestrel, Minor Lord of Battle, Ekhian's lieutenant (mortal Shire stallion x Tasha, stallion (evil), blind in right eye): Flare (Raban Valerius, stallion) Nimbus, Lord of Storms (means Thunderhead; stallion): Nimbus In His Storm Form (has dark clouds around him)... Saharo, Lord of the Wild (stallion; quite possibly got in 2015 I dunno): Carah (messenger, pronounced like the name Karah, female): Romaonus, Lord of the Ancients (evil, stallion): Avalon (runaway sorcerer of Romaonus, born blind, stallion): Karat, Minor Lord of the Plains (Saharo x mortal African mare, stallion): Hassan, Minor Lord of the Desert (Saharo x mortal Arab mare, stallion): Jake, Lord of Wind (Nimbus x Arketa, stallion): Arketa (or αρκετά, 'pretty' in Greek; Goddess of Beauty, mare): Shamma (Arkadaş's sister; mare): Criminal Injustice "Criminal" (12 year old Criollo stallion): Innhøstningstid (Harvest Time in Norwegian) "Papaya" (registered); Gender: Gelding; Age: 6; Breed: Norwegian Fjord; Height: 13.7 hh; Extra Brands/Add-Ons: Breed registry tatoo on upper lip; Specialty: Dressage, In-Hand Dressage, English Pleasure, Breed Shows (Both In-Hand and English), English Recreational, Hunter-Jumper: Papaya In Winter Gear... Lady Loopy La "La" (4 year old Criollo x Arabian mare; Criminal x Cinder): La's Genes... Total Carma "Carma" (3 year old Criollo x Arabian mare; Criminal x Cinder): Divertido ('Fun' in Spanish; son of Cake and Chica, stallion): DP Frost Ember "Ember" (mare; Quarter Horse; 9 months old; has DP brand on left shoulder) (CLICK 'VIEW IMAGE' TO SEE HER REAL COLORS! I'M DUMB AND MADE HER DAPPLES TRANSPARENT.) (dapple brush by AMillionLights@DA): Arkadaş ("Friend" in Turkish; Shamma's sister; mare) (dapple brush by AMillionLights@DA): Malakai, Guide of the Dead (son of Vurna and Sarin'; stallion): Zips Warrior Kat "Kat" (registered); Age: 12; Gender: mare; Breed: Quarter Horse; Height: 14.8 hh; Specialty: Championship-Level Competitive Barrel Racing: Rough And Tumble "Ruff" (registered); Gender: mare; Age: 2; Breed: Thoroughbred; Height: 15.7 hh; Specialty: Dirt Flat Racing (record out of 2 races so far is: 2-0-0); Brands/Add-Ons: Breed Registry Tattoo On Upper Lip, shoes; Descendant of Ruffian and Seattle Slew: Witchy (mare): Bonita (name means "pretty" in Spanish; Arabian; mare; runs around arena in colored smoke before knight games; thing on her forearm is a tattoo; eyes are pale blue): Valiente (name means "brave" in Spanish; Spanish Mustang x Andalusian; stallion; used in knight games like jousting; horns are said to be from a magical being, which is why he is the lead knight; eyes are pale amber): Sangre (name means "blood" in Spanish; stallion): Name: Coconut; Gender: spayed mare; Age: 7; Breed: Quarter Horse x Paint (not registered); Height: 14.4 hh; Specialty: intermediate barrel racing lessons: Painted In Blood "Arty"; Gender: gelding; Age: 9; Breed: American Warmblood (registered); Height: 16.2 hh; Add-Ons/Tattoo: shoes; breed registry tattoo on upper lip; Specialty: intermediate show jumping lessons; Ailment: was infertile: Love Quest "Rutabaga"; Gender: spayed mare; Age: 16; Breed: Belgian (registered); Height: 16.4 hh; Add-Ons: shoes; Specialty: novice English and Western basic riding lessons; Ailment: old bowed tendom in front left leg: MM The Last One Standing "Ash"; Age: 8; Gender: mare; Breed: Quarter Horse (registered); Height: 15.3 hh; Brand: < M ) on left hip (breeders' family brand); Specialty: local barrel racing; Ailment: wears hoof boots on front hooves while riding because, without them, she sometimes looses traction turning sharply: Ash With Tack; Ash In Winter Gear... Hermosa Dama (Beautiful Lady in Spanish) "Dama"; Age: 11; Gender: mare; Breed: Andalusian x Paint; Height: 15.1 hh; Brand: 14A207P on right shoulder- her slaughter house had had 14 Andalusians over time, and 207 Paints over time (she added to both numbers, that's why 2 breeds are on her); Specialty: dressage, beginning to also dabble in Andalusian-type gait dressage: Rustler; Age: 4; Gender: gelding; Breed: Mustang with some Appaloosa blood speculated due to pattern; Height: 15.3; Brand: BLM brand on left side of upper neck; Specialty: still being broken, but going to do something Western, as he's being worked with with a Western saddle; Ailment: freaks out when he hears airplanes flying overhead, it's not just a little fear, it's a trauma: Melosa (Sweet in currently unknown language); Age: 15; Gender: mare; Breed: Miniature Horse x Shetland Pony (registered as Shetland); Height: 6.1 hh; Specialty: formerly childrens' English pony, but now broodmare; Status: pregnant with Indian's first foal; Ailment: went completely blind in both eyes at the age of 7 due to genetic ailment on sire's side (he went blind, too): Piedra, Goddess of Minerals and Crystals (name is Stone in Spanish; mare): Lethen (3 year old QH x Andalusian x Friesan; stallion): DP Sky's Hidden Demon "Hatch" (QH x Criollo; stallion; 10 years old): Vetur, Goddess of the Winter and Ice (name is Winter in Icelandic; mare): Shiloh (8 year old paint mare): Smoking Cinder "Cinder" (10 year old Arabian mare; half blind in left eye): Pónos, lord of misery and pain ("Pain" in Greek, spelled πόνος; stallion; Sarin' x Vurna): TOR Cardinal "Cardinal" #0020; Gatlin Horse (Chieftain); stallion; 15.5 hh; 5 years old; genotype is Ee Ata nCt: Lyccia, Goddess of Vanity (mare; Nimbus x Arketa; hooves are solid ruby): Glaciem Bellator (Ice Warrior in Latin; nickname, Eis, is Ice in German; can transform into ice; ice guardian spirit of Vetur; no gender, but identifies as male; (SRSCM is not part of the design!!!)): Stage 1- Stage 2... Stage 3. Spruce (American Shorthair (assumed); she-cat; 5 years old): Colt (American Shorthair x Bengal Cat; neutered tom; 2 years old; declawed): Hestia (mare, 1 year and 10 months old, Flutter-Horse): ... Hestia- No Wings Version... Quet (pronounced "ket", stallion, 6 years old, Flutter-Horse, lead stallion, brother of Charavi): Magnus, Minor Lord of Frost (Vetur x mortal Mustang stallion; stallion): Charavi (mare; 4 years old; Flutter-Horse; sister of Quet): Orie (stallion, 2 years old, Flutter-Horse, born blind): Lakemist (cloud-flyer, mare, 3 years old): Rainflash (mare, 4 years old, cloud-flyer): Ashstorm (mare, sole leader, 17 years old): Grassheart (stallion; 6 years old; healer): Brackenfeather (stallion, 10 years old, herd protector): Violetwing (mare, 8 years old, herd protector, mother of Silentwind): Sugarleaf (mare;formally named Sugar; formally an English trail riding horse; Arabian x Appaloosa; 6 years old, joined Sky Plains Herd at 5; healer of Sky Plains Herd; -eyes are blue-): Iris, Goddess of Rainbows (mare; Nimbus x Arketa; can appear as mist; named after the Greek goddess of rainbows): Emberflight (stallion; 5 years old; cloud-flyer; appaloosa brush by AMillionLights@DA): Amberroot (stallion, 2 years old, healer): Kýma, Goddess of Seas/Oceans ("wave" in Greek, mare, younger sister of Keretino):

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