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"I'm back!"


I'm Xylia, means woods dweller. I don't own any horses in real life so I get by with games like this one. Currently I'm breeding Lipizzaner's and Shetland Ponies. I transferred my account from the old version and so my horses might not line up exactly with lineage and genetics but that was fun to play with. I'll be more serious with breeding from now on. Also, my Lipizzaner's (when not locked) have some of the best conformation for the breed! =D

10/19/16 - I'm rotating the horses I take care of so I don't have to deal with as many at once while I'm in college. But if a horse/pony is locked up and you want to buy it or want a covering just ask and I'll get back with you ASAP!
8/27/16 - Back to college life, my horses will end up locked often as studying takes over my life.

With my horses I am working towards quality conformation and stats. I do not like inbreeding, even a few generations back, and make sure the horses I own and breed have no inbreeding. Of course mistakes happen; χ KC Gold has a little inbreeding a few gens. back.
My horses are given treats, trained, showed or go to riding schools every day they are unlocked.
I do not breed my mares until they are 15 yrs of age, then I breed them every time they can. This might change as my herd increases in size and my goals are reached.
My stallions are not available for stud unless they are 15 yrs and have less than 10 foals outside of my own breeding.

For sale:
If there is a horse/pony with a $ in front of the name it is for sale or up for offers, please send me a message for more info. 

Stud Fee explanation:
Average conformation x100
+ stats (323 = +300, 374 = +400, etc.)
+ 500 if bay, +1000 if black, +1500 if chestnut (If Lipizzaner, does not apply to Shetlands but the rarer the color, the higher the price.)

[color=#261e19][font=verdana, helvetica]I'm a member of the Lipizzaner Club![/font][/color]

Account Information
Member Name Xylia
Account Type Basic
Joined January 5, 2015
Last Active 2017-05-28 21:41:42
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Money on Hand $41,185
Money in Bank $1,316,860
Player Level 13
Horses 45 / 60 (0 unborn foals)

Player Points
Yesterday 338
This Week 0
This Month 108992
All Time 2210118
Show Winnings
Yesterday $254
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This Month $45,093
All Time $498,792

Member Level
Level 13 Experience 160458 (43%) EXP Required 366900 EXP Left 206442

Xylia's Horse Divisions
Currently training 23 horses
Lipizzaner Mares 6 horses
Lipizzaner Stallions 8 horses
Shetland Pony Mares 5 horses
Shetland Pony Stallions 3 horses

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