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[b]LOCKED. Gonna be gone for about 10 weeks? starting 25/4/17.

[s]Hi, I'm Dusty, a girl that resides in Newcastle, Australia. Here on Equiverse I breed driving Gypsy Vanners for colour and stats. Since life gets busy, I often forget to feed/show/train my horses which is the main reason why the stats of some/most of my horses aren't great. In old EV I aimed for Chestnut GV's with no markings and high stats, but now I breed for rare colours/patterns (more on that later) and stats.

I love violin, pizza, coffee, Harry Potter (Ravenclaw and Thunderbird), horses, Winter, too many books to name, excel spreadsheets, lists, school, and both boys and girls (I'm bisexual)

- public studs have non-negotiable prices
- they are generally $80 x stats +/- adjustments for colour and confo
- if you're wanting to breed to a stallion that is not for stud, feel free to contact me
- if you'd like to use one of my mares for one of your stallions, feel free to contact me.

- all horses for sale are in my sales division
- if it's not listed, it's not for sale. period.
- all prices are negotiable, but be reasonable (if you're not bidding at least 60% of what it's listed for, don't bother)

Please note that with these rules I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I'm just a little sick of people begging for ma horses. I work hard to get them to the mediocre level that they are D:<

I consider rare colours/markings in Gypsy Vanners to be: Ata/AtAt, Crcr/CrCr, Dd/DD, Ff/ff, Pp/PP, Rbrb/RbRb, Oo, and Spsp/SpSp.

0-6 years = 200
7 years = 210
8 years = 240
9 years = 270
10 years = 300
11 years = 330
12 years = 360
13 years = 390
14 years = 420
15 years = 450
16 years = 480
17 years = 510
18 years = 540
19 years = 570
20 years = 600


[s] Have 500k in my bank account[/s]
[s] Have 750k in my bank account[/s]
[s]Have 1mil in my bank account[/s]
[s] Have 100 Gypsy Vanners[/s]
[s]Have 150 Gypsy Vanners[/s]
Have 200 Gypsy Vanners
Have 250 Gypsy Vanners

[s]Have a homebred horse reach 500 stats[/s] [horse=464909]
Have a HB horse reach 600 stats
Have a HB horse reach 800 stats
Have a HB horse reach 1000 stats
Have a HB horse reach 1200 stats
Have all horses aged 5-20 with more than 500 stats
Have all horses aged 5-20 with more than 700 stats
Get a horse in the hall of fame for most stats

Attain homozygous Sooty when it is introduced
Attain homozygous Silver when it is introduced
[s]Breed a horse with three or more homozygous rare genetics.[/s] [horse=565859]
Own 40 horses with rare colours
Own 60 horses with rare colours
Own 80 horses with rare colours
Own 100 horses with rare colours

[s] Breed a horse with more than 60 average conformation[/s] [horse=471033]
[s]Breed a horse with more than 70 average conformation[/s] [horse=558310]
Breed a horse with more than 80 average conformation
Breed a horse with more than 90 average conformation[/s]

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