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  Main Characters:(clickable images) Real Life Horses: Sadie: Bo: Regal: Paisley: Syrus:             Tags: Sadie: Regal: Matilda: Syrus: Quinten: Jumbles: Nakohtah: Well most of you know me as the crazy horse lady who hides behind a computer screen all day long. Well some of that is true but i am a real human being. My real name is Laney. I am a teenager and i love to do all sorts of stuff aside from my art world that i have built up around myself. I have 3 horses at the moment and they mean the world to me. Meet Sadie, a 20 year old Quarter Pony mare, She stands 13.2 hands tall and is quite the quicker one. She enjoys EATING, playing in the field and running around with a rider on her back. She loves treats and loves to CRIB... which is a very bad habit that we have been able to stop with a cribbing collar. She loves to run. We run 4-H for fun and we plan to run GBRA, in the winter i run the MYRA to keep them conditioned.  And lets just say for a 19 year old pony she moves like she is 5. Her average Barrel run is usually somewhere around 17.52 second run. We also do poles in which she runs an average of a 25.630 second run, she is not the best at them. She is so sweet and loving. We are able to put 2 year olds on her and she is just fine. Then we have Voodoo A.K.A. Voo she is a 15.3 hand mare. She is very sweet in the little time i have gotten to known her. Then the lovely Bow Spelled"BO"She is a very very very naughty little pony.. we dont know what she is as she was a rescue horse. She loves to run from you if you go out in the pasture with a halter that is. But i love her. She was "originally" for my little brother but he didnt want anything to do with her when he heard he had to clean stalls and take care of her. So they have all became mine overtime. She is a red roan pony.   Aside from horses i own 32 Chickens, 3 cats, 4 dogs, 1 duck, and live with 3 other human beings in my household. We all enjoy spending time with each other weather its working on a family project or sitting around watching TV with one another.   In my spare time i like to do art. Run around outside and draw. I collect Breyer horses. I only collect traditional size models for now i only have a bit of the other scale models. Not very much on my hands but  i do spend most of my time stuck at this computer doing art and such. Like i am right now typing this thing. Well thats pretty  much my life. If you want to talk or are just bored feel free to PM me with any questions you have about the game or if you just feel like talking to someone. Currently (CLOSED) Welcome to my shop! Services I offer: Further examples can be found here: Custom Tag or /Sig: Example of tags: Flat tag(no BG or Greyscale. just simply lines and your character) 40k Flat sig 60k Grayscale Tag (Without BG) 75k Greyscale Sig(without BG) 100k Fully custom Sig(with BG) 250k Greyscale sig 100k Greyscale tag + BGk 150k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Large arts: 100k-400k depending on difficulty/BG or no BG Reference sheets: ( the first one is one is fully customized,lines and everything IT BELONGS TO SNOGLOBE NO STEALING) Example: (this second one is one with publicly used lines and double sided. i know the first isnt double sided but that was not what she wanted but i CAN do double sided) I cab re-line give your old character a new reference sheet. These will cost 150k-500k depending on difficulty of design + add ons and such. I can as well do Fully custom ref sheets: 200k-500k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Manips: i cant do them very well so low price. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Designs: I can do a custom lined design like the shown here: OR you can give me the build/pose you want and i can find public lines to use for your design(s) 1 Design: 100k 2 Designs: 150k 3 Designs: 200k 6 designs: 400k 8 Designs 700k Examples: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My art pass holders: Reinzi(ends 6/24/17) Sara (forever) Bela(forever) SilverWolves(ends 8/6/17)   Discounts/benifits of my art passes: *1 freebie on any of my tag or sig sales( but these are only for ones i have not collabed on with *someone, only if they are purly mine that made or a base i have bought off someone) *25% off all commissions( any kind of commission) * one free commission of choice each month My art passes: Ren (forever) bela (forever) bopper (forever) zell (forever) Defiant (forever/gold) NSNS ( forever) Absinthe (forever) Notes/ commissions to do: Sara gingerbread pony Sara character redone/put on new lines Recolors bela headshots secret santa crap custom tag for sno      

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