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"Appy New Year! :)"


Our goal is to consistently produce colorful horses with excellent conformation that excel in the show ring! I think I have some fantastic horses that will soon excel in conformation, color, and stats!!!

If you are looking for your next stallion to breed to, look no further! I have combined excellent stats with conformation! If you see a stallion you would like to breed to that isn't up for stud, please contact me. I will see what I can do!

I'm a member of the Appaloosa Club!
I'm a member of the Appaloosa Club!

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Member Name ❈CNS Appaloosas❈
Account Type Deluxe (121 days left)
Joined February 8, 2014
Last Active 2017-01-17 20:22:12
Member Information
Money on Hand $2,942
Money in Bank $2,198,369
Player Level 23
Horses 125 / 140 (2 unborn foals)

Player Points
Yesterday 86278
This Week 180906
This Month 1323922
All Time 17897042
Show Winnings
Yesterday $13,194
This Week $26,365
This Month $268,389
All Time $3,437,550

Member Level
Level 23 Experience 196736 (12%) EXP Required 1528750 EXP Left 1332014

❈CNS Appaloosas❈'s Horse Divisions
0 horses
****Retired Barn- Thank you faithful ponies! 10 horses
***Foals*** 24 horses
**Mares ** 25 horses
**Stallions ** 27 horses
Champagnes & At Mares 10 horses
Champagnes & At Stallions 9 horses
Locked Stallions 0 horses
Low Conformation - Keepers 18 horses
SALES 0 horses
Unassigned 0 horses
Unassigned 0 horses
Unassigned 0 horses

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Appaloosa Breeders Association