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I am a moderator - please feel free to come to me if you need any kind of help, whether it's game- or art-related I am here for you! c:

Breeding & Horse Services
Studs: Available upon request | Sales: Permanently closed |
Foal breedings from my stock: Available upon request

Hey there everybody, I'm River - my name is based off of a wolf character I have roleplayed for a while on a different site, but I thought I could carry it over as title here too. x3 Currently I am a freelance web and graphic designer, but I don't have fulltime work yet, so I am working on a combination of freelancing, applying for jobs, and online learning (hence why I'm online a lot).

I'm definitely a Hiddlestoner as well, I LOVE The Flash (and Grant Gustin cough cough), and I'm also a fan of STAR TREKKK, Marvel movies, horseback riding (I go whenever I can), Pokemon, classic movies, coffee, computers, tea, travel, coding, graphics, video editing, and lots more. I like to dabble in many, many things.

I am usually open for art requests, ranging from tags and siggies to character art, digital art, traditional art, and more. You can visit my DeviantArt account for examples (just find the Equiverse folder) or look at my available recolours for some recent work.

Currently my main breeding goals are a line of high-stat multiple disciplined Akhal-Tekes with some partial perfects, a line of high-stat dressage Friesians with a focus in chestnuts, a beginning group of show jumping Minis, some Trakes, and some Arabians for fun. I'm always looking to buy more quality foals, so if you have any for offer send me a message! I'm also open to putting any of my horses up for stud if you're interested - just let me know. c:

If you ever want to send me a message, feel free to! I like meeting new people and chatting. c:

To see my charries visit my character references page here. Their histories/personalities/etc (if they are filled out) are listed in their ref's description.

(Team Smol Image from

Art Services

Please note, the more specific and unique your commission idea is, the more likely I am to take it on or be inspired to run with it. If the idea is not specific enough, too generic, or too similar to non-commission piece I have done before, I reserve the right to turn the commission down.

- Layout coding (you provide the image): 150k EVD

- Layout manip plus coding (max 3 characters): 750k EVD

- Custom Tag (exclusively for you, no public sale): 550k EVD

- Custom sig (exclusively for you, no public sale): 850k EVD

- Grayscaling (one horse, you provide the lines): 150k EVD

- Custom background: Tag: 150k EVD, Sig: 300k EVD

- Custom lines: price negotiable

- Recolors from previous sales: priced same as original sale

Service FAQ

Do you accept EVC? What about mixed payments?

Yes, to both! I am an EVC hoarder because I love my deluxe account, auto-care, and auto-showing.

Can I commission lines from you?

Yes, but keep in mind I am working on improving my lining so style is subject to change.

Where do your lines come from?

My lines are either vectors created off of photos I took and own, or they are sketches that come entirely from my own head. I do not use any other kind of references, in order to guarantee my art is entirely my own.

Do you base/greyscale?

Yes I do. I can do bases with lines, or lineless bases. I always test bases with a recolour to guarantee quality.

Do you do animations?

Yes, I will sometimes include animations in tags. These usually involve moving background/foreground items, like snow/rain/water/stars. Thus far I do not do horse animations, however.

Do you accept photos as references for recolours?

From this point on, I will not accept photos as reference materials for recolours. The colours are too difficult to match from a photo, and legs markings etc are often obscured. If you wish to have a horse you own recoloured, please supply a reference sheet (rather than a photo) of that horse.

May I modify or add onto work I bought from you?

NO, you may never modify, edit, or make changes to work you have purchased from me. Not only is this rude to the artist, but it also a form of copyright infringement. My work is not in the creative commons, so you do NOT have license to modify/edit/redistribute/etc.

Do you offer custom characters?

If you want to commission one, I will gladly help you out with that. I don't habitually do character design sales, however. Not yet.

Do you offer large art?

At this time I do not offer any large art commissions except for photomanipulations. My work on EV consists primary of small-scale pieces, so I am not ready to venture into large work yet.

Do you do collabs?

Indeed I do! I sometimes really love collabs. I'm fine with either doing the lining/basing/background or doing recolours. I don't really prefer either role - the variety is nice. All collabs have a 50/50 income split unless otherwise arranged.

What about addons?

Mehhhaauuggghhgh. I'm not into them. I am practiced when it comes to making horse art or backgrounds, but I am not practiced at rendering addon items, so I generally avoid them due to the fact that I cannot create them at the same quality level as the rest of my art.

Can I use the link for the original image you uploaded?

NO, do not under any circumstances use my original link as the source of your image. I periodically clear out both my and my Equiverse folder on my computer, so your image can and likely will be deleted. Please download the image yourself and upload it to your own image hosting account. I do not offer hosting for my recolours.

Available for Recolours

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River's Horse Divisions
Akhal-Tekes 21 horses
Arabians 21 horses
Clydesdales 22 horses
Dutch Warmbloods 22 horses
Friesians 24 horses
Just For Funsies 14 horses
Minis 23 horses
Tennessee Walking Horses 26 horses
Thoroughbreds 26 horses
Trakehners 14 horses
x For le locking 1 horses

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