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"moving forward."


My name is Leah Morgan, I am a seventeen year old female, and I have been an active member of Equiverse for three years.
I am a proud and outspoken feminist and supporter of equal rights for all human beings. I have been raised around horses and have years and years of experience around farms and all types of animals.

I currently own a six-year-old Irish Sport Horse named Oliver. He and I are starting together in dressage training but hope to do eventing in the future. Fair warning: I love him far more than I love most people.

My hobbies are very nerdy and I love studying and learning new things. My loves are psychology, anatomy, astronomy, history, and language arts.

I have a twisted sense of humor and am very sarcastic, which can push people's buttons easily. I do not have time for people who will not use the resources available to them to solve their own problems.

That said, if you want to speak to me or ask me questions, feel free to message me (at your own caution).

For more about me, click here


Within the world of Equiverse pixel ponies, I mainly breed Shetland ponies.
I currently own two of the only three nationally ranked shetland ponies.
In addition, I currently own 10 Shetland ponies who rank in the all-time hall of fame.


Commissions are OPEN

For examples of my art, go to my my deviantart.
- custom tag (lines, background possible, basing) is 200k
- custom lines (tag sized) are 100k
- custom lines (full-sized) are 200k
- custom character (free or custom lines, entirely custom design) is 300k
- revamped reference sheet (free or custom lines) is 250k
- collabs are open. i will do recoloring, lines, background - whatever you need me to do!
- recolors are old tags are 50k each. message me to see my old tags available for recolor.

If you don't see the art service you want listed here, feel free to drop me a message to ask!
(because I probably forgot some things)

- digital art
- horseback riding (especially eventing)
- studying
- playing with my dogs
- running / hiking
- baking / cooking
- writing
- daydreaming
- spending all day at the barn
- procrastinating

equiverse - leah #53186
tumblr -
deviantART -
my website: galaxy acres

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