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"My eq might be bad, but consistency is key"

I'm tolarie, or tol for short. I'm a 24 year old from Canada, and I spend what is probably too much time on EV... I've been riding since I was 19, which is a really late start compared to a lot of other people, but better late than never! I ride a sassy bay mare that belongs to my coach, named Indy, and we do the jumpers. Right now we've schooled up to 1.10m, but we've only competed up to 2'9 together. I sadly hardly ever show since I have to pay for all my horse stuff myself (although I might be moving up a height this year, if I show. Yikes). Some of my other interests include watching kdramas, Pokémon, photography, puppy holding, and pizza. I'm also most likely procrastinating...

Maplewood Estate
Instead of keeping only one breed, Maplewood focuses on the discipline of show jumping with a variety of breeds. We also have a small number of dressage horses, and have recently acquired a handful of racehorses (but really only so a friend didn't have to put them in the RC). Horses are bred primarily for stats and health/conformation over colour, though if it works out, colour is always a plus.

Looking for a horse? Check out the sale barn!

art & other stuff
I can't draw for the life of me, but I do enjoy coming up with designs and making adopts. I've done the occasional tag or signature sale, but I don't have any of those going on at the moment.


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