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Home of Årty- Minis (#28387)

"Life. Stop lifing. Maybe back into swing on Tues?"

169 minis.. 90ish shetlands.. Yeaah. < this is so not even accurate anymore Ha!

Trained, Treated, Cared for every day. Also shown and/or riding school for max stat gain.

**FRESH STORE HORSES: Will be groomed, watered, fed BUT NOT TREATED OR TRAINED. These horses are basically untouched for you to decide whatever you wish for them. I will lock them each night so they don't age. Pricing is what they cost me.


Driving: d
Dressage: ȡ
Jumping: j
Western: w
Racing: r
Endurance: e
n for discipline not yet chosen.
tc: needs to be training converted
rs: riding school only for whatever reason
Custom coloring: 🐞

sorting to do:
(**BE CAREFUL w/locking! Only .1. SHOW Driving Minis ✓ and .1. SHOW Driving Shetlands, Clydes ✓ shall remain unlocked until sorting complete.**)
separate horses by breed only (excludes DC divs) for now.
rename and custom order divisions.
rename pons to above discipline code and shorten CONF xx.xx to xx.x > might even round to nearest full but loses detail.
sort horses woo!
After sorting tackle treat assignments for everything that's been locked since before it was added..

✓ all set!
Θ mostly sorted but not completly updated
✗ or ✗✗ needs sorting out/name updates/treat updates/adds
☒ sorting on hold (twh)

Account Information
Member Name Årty- Minis
Account Type Unlimited Deluxe
Joined August 24, 2011
Last Active 2017-03-28 17:53:46
Member Information
Money on Hand $855
Money in Bank $2,481,242
Player Level 17
Horses 415 / 415 (0 unborn foals)

Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 5880696
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $0
This Month $0
All Time $772,492

Member Level
Level 17 Experience 82325 (9%) EXP Required 883006 EXP Left 800681

Årty- Minis's Horse Divisions
- .1. SHOW Western Morgans 13 horses
.1. SHOW Driving Minis. ✓✓ 41 horses
.1. SHOW Driving Shetlands, Clydes ✓✓ 22 horses
.1b. SHOW Alt Disc ✓✓ 16 horses
.2. mh RS: Alt disc 3-17 HAY ✓✓ 5 horses
.2. s p RS: Alt disc 3-17 HAY ✓✓ 10 horses
.4. 0-2yrs foundy driving ✓✓ 34 horses
.4.b 0-2 foundy alt disc HAY ✓✓ 26 horses
.5. New from rescue center 11 horses
2. RS: driving TC HAY ✓✓ 23 horses
3. Minis Breeding 18yrs 13 horses
3. Morgans Breeding 18yrs 1 horses
3. SPons Breeding Age Θ 13 horses
6. show any no/missing/low tack ✓ 92 horses
[LOCKED ɱorgan all/all ✗✗ 21 horses
[LOCKED Walkers all/all ✗☒ 21 horses
]LOCKED FIX US Bugged LP/Patn on import. 7 horses
]LOCKED OldEV ßreds+WS🌀SHET breds 23 horses
]LOCKED[ DC on import 23 horses

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