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Home of Årty- Minis (#28387)

"Foal/Youngster pages look so nice with tack hidden."

169 minis.. 90ish shetlands.. Yeaah. < this is so not even accurate anymore Ha!

Just realized the new thing Abbey did yesterday broke bb code tags. I'll try to fix these eventually.
Trained, Treated, Cared for every day. Also shown and/or riding school for max stat gain.

**FRESH STORE HORSES: Will be groomed, watered, fed BUT NOT TREATED OR TRAINED. These horses are basically untouched for you to decide whatever you wish for them. I will lock them each night so they don't age. Pricing is what they cost me.


Driving: d     Dressage: ȡ     Endurance: e     Jumping: j     Racing: r     Western: w    

n for discipline not yet chosen.
tc: needs to be training converted
rs: riding school only for whatever reason
Custom coloring: 🐞

sorting to do:
(**BE CAREFUL w/locking! Only .1. SHOW Driving Minis ✓ and .1. SHOW Driving Shetlands, Clydes ✓ shall remain unlocked until sorting complete.**)
 separate horses by breed only (excludes DC divs) for now.
rename and custom order divisions.
 rename pons to above discipline code and shorten CONF xx.xx to xx.x > might even round to nearest full but loses detail.
sort horses woo!
After sorting tackle treat assignments for everything that's been locked since before it was added..

✓  all set!
Θ mostly sorted but not completly updated
✗ or ✗✗ needs sorting out/name updates/treat updates/adds
☒ sorting on hold (twh)


Account Information
Member Name Årty- Minis
Account Type Unlimited Deluxe
Joined August 24, 2011
Last Active 2017-05-22 20:48:24
Member Information
Money on Hand $0
Money in Bank $2,725,956
Player Level 17
Horses 434 / 450 (0 unborn foals)

Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 5880696
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
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All Time $772,492

Member Level
Level 17 Experience 82325 (9%) EXP Required 883006 EXP Left 800681

Årty- Minis's Horse Divisions
-.1. Babies training testing 18 horses
-.1. SHOW Western Morgans 13 horses
.1. SHOW Driving Minis. ✓✓ 41 horses
.1. SHOW Driving Shetlands, Clydes ✓✓ 22 horses
.1b. SHOW Alt Disc ✓✓ 16 horses
.2. mh RS: Alt disc 3-17 HAY ✓✓ 5 horses
.2. s p RS: Alt disc 3-17 HAY ✓✓ 10 horses
.4. 0-2yrs foundy driving ✓✓ 34 horses
.4.b 0-2 foundy alt disc HAY ✓✓ 26 horses
.5. New from rescue center 12 horses
2. RS: driving TC HAY ✓✓ 23 horses
3. Minis Breeding 18yrs 13 horses
3. Morgans Breeding 18yrs 1 horses
3. SPons Breeding Age Θ 13 horses
6. show any no/missing/low tack ✓ 92 horses
[LOCKED ɱorgan all/all ✗✗ 21 horses
[LOCKED Walkers all/all ✗☒ 21 horses
]LOCKED FIX US Bugged LP/Patn on import. 7 horses
]LOCKED OldEV ßreds+WS🌀SHET breds 23 horses
]LOCKED[ DC on import 23 horses

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