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Home of Arbutus (#107236)

"Loving EV!"

Art work by Sliverwolves

Hello Welcome to my page. I'm currently focusing on Mustangs beause as a child this breed was the one that always fired my imagination. All my horses have names that are in Lakota the language of my ansetors. I am still learning the language so, if I mispell somthing message me and I'll fix it.

Current Horses Names and Meanings

Anpo Kableze = Day Break
Cali = Smoke
Cante = Heart
Heyuka = Frost
Iha Ble = Dream
Mahpiya = Cloud
Omáshte = Sunshine
Ptanyetu = Autumn
Sugwiyela = Mare
Thechiala = I love you/Love
Tinza = Brave
Uzizitka = Rose
Wakinyan Towa Pi = Lightning
Wakiya = Flirt
Wanahca = Flower
Wicahpi Makaizi Te = Star Dust

I'm a member of the Mustang Club!
I'm a member of the Mustang Club!

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Member Name Arbutus
Account Type Deluxe (35 days left)
Joined December 14, 2016
Last Active 2017-02-20 05:24:55
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Money on Hand $4,487
Money in Bank $94,079
Player Level 8
Horses 27 / 30 (0 unborn foals)

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Level 8 Experience 42014 (31%) EXP Required 132084 EXP Left 90070

Arbutus's Horse Divisions
Experiment 4 horses
Gyspy & Lippizaner 7 horses
Mustang 16 horses

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