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Home of Inquisitor (#107022)


Raising and breeding Akhal-Teke

I'm a member of the Akhal-Teke Club!

Main Project:
Racing horses, good stats and health/conf
Side Projects:
High-Jumping and Dressage, good stats and health/conf
Breed horses with rarer colours

Our prefix is INQ (every family line starts with at least one foundation horse bought and raised by this stable from Equine Center)

Account Information
Member Name Inquisitor
Account Type Basic
Joined December 6, 2016
Last Active 2017-05-22 05:47:27
Member Information
Money on Hand $23,225
Money in Bank $550,947
Player Level 11
Horses 35 / 35 (0 unborn foals)

Player Points
Yesterday 16888
This Week 16888
This Month 170810
All Time 1133346
Show Winnings
Yesterday $8,426
This Week $8,426
This Month $70,767
All Time $410,921

Member Level
Level 11 Experience 43462 (18%) EXP Required 234816 EXP Left 191354

Inquisitor's Horse Divisions
Dressage 3 horses
Other Tekes 2 horses
Racers (Mares) 15 horses
Racers (Stallions) 14 horses
Unassigned Horses 1 horses

Group Memberships
No group memberships yet!