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Home of SilverWolves♥♥♥ (#104148)


I'm a member of the Quarter Horse Club!

My focus is quarter horses, but I might mess with a few other breeds.

my spare is Crimson wolf (#104363)

My goal is to breed fun colored quarter horses and raise them to good stats over the generations.

I'm always up to making new friends. Don't be shy, I'll talk and listen to anyone. I'll also listen to your rants and what annoys you if you just need to blow some steam.

I love splashes, roans, double creams, and brown bases

I wouldn't mind having a breeding partner with one of my mares or studs if they have a horse that would pair well with one of mine. (The person with the stallion gets first foal, person with mare gets second foal, or something like that)

Private lines
♡♡♡ after name foundations
♥♥♥ after name, breed with horses from my line only or from foundations

Breeders information
1. I horses will be bred up to (not allways this many times) 4 times by me. Five is the max.(and is only available on side line, 4 max main line)
2. I have two differnt lines. My Line ( my foundations) and my helper line (colorful horses for newer players). These are kept seperate through my markings. They WILL NOT cross.
3. I will only breed my horses ages 17 and above withing my line. I might allow someone to use a stud after the age of 16, but I won't use my studs for myself until they are at least 17.
4. Currently, only looking for foundations and 2nd gen.

For buyers/ stud use, and broodmare usage.

1. If you are not one of my trusted breeders, I will not sell you anything outside the sale division, or a horse that is listed for sale.
2. I have two lines, the public/project line is open for anyone, the private line is closed accept for those who follow the rules below
*Breeds their horses a maximum of five times, preferably four or less.
* Does not breed their horses until the age of 16
*Does not buy horses from members to turn around and sell them immediately for a profit.
*PUBLIC LINES will either be sold in the public division, or Marked P-C in sales division. Doesn't' have this? It's private lines.
3.Stud and broodmare rules (private line)
* I will not breed to a mare younger than 17, or a stud younger than 16.
*I will not breed to those who plan on breeding their mares more than 4 times, or their studs more than 5.
*I will not breed to a horse that has been breed more than 3 times.
4.Stud and broodmare rules, Public lines
*I will not allow my studs or mares to be breed to horses under 16 by other people
*I will not breed my horses more than 5 times

My character pages

Art passes I own
forever pass
Two freebies per tag sale unless otherwise specified.
One freebie per signature sale unless otherwise specified.
You won't have to pay my half on collab sales.
50% off other tags or signatures you buy, and you won't take up
a slot.
Reserved slots on commissions, and 25% off on any commissions I do.
25% off your final bid on character or design sales.
Your characters will be used as examples in art sales

Altairs art pass -
. you get 1 free tag or signature from each sale. the rest is half off.
. 1 free character design or revamp each month.
. at the end of any design sale you get half off
. 1 free commission every month
. (i just thought i'd add this) you can get up to 2 free recolors of an art sale i did in the past, each month.
. these are forever art passes too so for as long as i'm on here you can use it.

My art (decided to add this on here.)
Commissions for characters- open...ish. (working on someones now)
ex. Gray
LoftyRem's charrie
Scale character currently selling
flower character currently selling
[ur=]character I'm working on[/url]

Account Information
Member Name SilverWolves♥♥♥
Account Type Deluxe (335 days left)
Joined August 25, 2016
Last Active 2017-03-25 19:54:11
Member Information
Money on Hand $308,891
Money in Bank $3,383,234
Player Level 18
Horses 262 / 265 (22 unborn foals)

Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 1372
All Time 188094
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $0
This Month $109
All Time $33,744

Member Level
Level 18 Experience 832353 (85%) EXP Required 978400 EXP Left 146047

SilverWolves♥♥♥'s Horse Divisions
2nd gen+ Mares 14 horses
2nd gen+ Stallions 28 horses
Locks 15 horses
Paints 19 horses
Projects and Open Lines 27 horses
Quarter Horse Mares 65 horses
Quarter Horse Stallions 54 horses
Retires 7 horses
Sales 10 horses
Unassigned Horses 1 horses

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The EV Art Club

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I Own Too Many Characters Group

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